Thursday, April 02, 2009

The neckbeard comes to Denver

Goodbye Jay, hello Neckbeard - I mean, Kyle. The deed is done: Cutler is going to the Bears (along with a Broncos fifth-round draft pick) in exchange for Orton, the number 18 overall pick this year, the Bears' 2009 third-round pick, and the Bears' 2010 first-round pick.

This is not good for Cutler's fantasy value (tell me please who is going to pass to?!), but perhaps stellar for Greg Olsen's value. I think Cutler values the QB-TE connection quite a bit...and of course I'm sure Kyle Orton isn't thrilled to be coming into a team whose top receiver underwent hip surgery this week and faces possible suspension at the start of the season. Oh Broncos, what have you done??


Ryan said...

The Broncos got more for Cutler, than the Tampa Bucs did years ago for Steve Young from the 49ers...

It's not that bad for the Broncos, think about it: Kyle Orton who, rightly had a banged up O-line, and lacked the WR's the Broncos still have. Besides, Orton missed games last season with an ankle injury, then came back too early. Meaning his stats were below-par because he still was injuried...just like Cutler was two years ago, with undiagnosed diabetes disease.

If the Broncos, are uncertain about Sims or Orton at QB they can easily draft Josh Freeman or Mark Sanchez in the 1st round this year with that Bears pick. Then still draft a Defensive front 7 player.

Who is Cutler going to throw to? Devin Hester at WR, Olsen at TE, Forte at RB, and an unknown #2/#3 WRs. Quite a few future HOFs WRs on the market: Marvin Harrison, T. Holt maybe the Bears will bite?

The Chicago Bears really do want to "win" now, because they paid a TON for Cutler. The Broncos will get at least 4 first round picks in the next 2 years. Now the question is will the Bears win their division and can the Broncos draft 3 out 4 great players?

Unknown said...

This is a huge mistake by the Bears and it will cost them dearly for the next five or six years.
They needed a couple of wide receivers, an offenseive tackle, a defensive lineman, a safety and a cornerback.
I predict it will cost Jerry Angelo his job by the end of 2010 latest. Unbelievably stupid!

Matt said...

Hester? Exciting to watch, but he reminds me of Dante Hall. An outstanding special teams player who can't really get it done for the offense.

I'm still in disbelief that this happened. I'd check to see if it was an april fool's story if I hadn't been following it. I would have been salivating for Cutler to come to the Chiefs if they hadn't snagged Cassel (which, in part, helped cause this mess, I guess).

I imagine the Broncos organization is going to wish this never happened, but I wonder if Cutler will as well. He had a really good thing going there, and I don't know how the windy city is going to treat him.

Ryan said...

Just learned that Jay Cutler's #1 receiver at Vanderbilt, Earl Bennett, is a Chicago Bear. Yes, a QB-WR re-union. Bennett hasn't caught one ball in Chicago, but caught 236 balls from Cutler at Vanderbilt.

Eric Bennett's NFL combine profile:

Also, current Chicago Bear left tackle Chris Williams was a starter Vanderbilt with Cutler.

No wonder Cutler was keen on landing in Chicago, besides being close to his old hometown in Indiana: Eric Bennett + Chris Williams.

My own fan favorite San Diego Chargers will see the seeds of the Bears overpayment for years to come. The only two teams with a better combination of drafts picks this year are the Lions and Rams, according to Your Broncos have the chance of creating a Dynasty Franchise, if they draft decently the next 2 years.

The AFC West isn't going to be a laughing stock next year, that's for sure.

Unknown said...

I feel sorry for Denver... will they win games next year? hope they draft well... CHI town shouldn't be overly excited but i don't see a ton of down sides to that trade. they just better hop all the complaining was started by the fishiness at denver and not because there's something egotistically wrong with cutler!

That Damn Sam said...

At last somebody legit to hate again in the NFC North. Believe it or not, as a Vikings fan I kind of missed hating Brett last year.