Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Draft Day Vacation!

We have good friends coming into town for the weekend and I think I convinced one friend to come solely because I promised we could watch the NFL Draft together. I'm not sure the rest of our visitors are going to be down with hour upon hour of a draft watch but at least I'll have one buddy! It's a good thing the draft occurs over the weekend or else I'd be taking some vacation time...

The speculations for draft day are about at their peak so let's take a look at a few links:

  • Take a look at CBS Sports' Diner News: Questions that bother me before the draft for some last minute musings - plus find out who this year's rookies more or less agree is the best incoming rookie...
  • FFToolbox looks at some of this year's draft class that may give you cause for concern in their Risky Draft Picks article. It's pretty clear that off-field troubles are the common thread here among most of the risky players.
  • KFFL has their 2009 NFL Draft Predictions up and I like it - some bold, some not so bold predictions but all in all, pretty astute I think.
  • Advanced NFL Stats does it again - this time they take a look at the historical performance of linebackers according to where they're drafted. Advanced NFL Stats has already looked at QBs, RBs, WRs, DEs and DBs; now it's time for some LB evaluation.
  • Heads up IDP players and Panthers fans - will Julius Peppers be traded on draft day allowing Carolina to move up and get a first-round pick?
  • I usually focus a lot on player updates from sites like Rotoworld and KFFL but FFXtreme also does a great job with their player analysis from the news and fantasy perspective.
Finally, Happy Earth Day! Go compost or carpool and give a little toast to our fine planet.

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