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As the Cutler Turns're killing me!! I keep hoping this is an April Fools' Day joke but the Jay Cutler drama continues in case you could have somehow missed the latest installment of the middle school-esque drama going on here. I swear this is reminiscent of my 7th grade "boyfriend" though I think that merely lasted a few weeks instead of this disaster which apparently has no end. This definitely makes me unhappy from both a real life and a Cutler Dynasty owner perspective; but it's harder as a Broncos fan. I just have a gut feeling that he'll land on his feet somewhere from a fantasy perspective - so much talent, I can't see it going to waste anywhere - but the Broncos just seem utterly, royally screwed. Gregg Rosenthal points out that basically everyone in Denver is now a bit of a fantasy question mark and the Denver Post reviews some of the latest Cutler interest from my other fav NFL team, the Redskins.

So where do you guys think Cutler will land?

For non-Cutler football links, read on:
  • FFManiaxs have updated their TE rankings for 2009 - so let's say Cutler goes to Washington (okay, see it's impossible to avoid Cutler, sorry)...does Chris Cooley's value skyrocket or what?
  • Wondering which WRs are still looking for a new home? Take a look at Lester's Legends' Catching up with NFL Free Agent WRs.
  • Okay, you might want to sit down for this one. I love Football Outsiders and think they put together some amazing metrics that make me drool, quite frankly. And they'd done it again. With horizontal yards. Now if you're saying to yourself, "what on earth?" as you're reading through the article, take a look at today's date. I think my favorite line was the job offer from the Raiders but there's a lot to love here.
  • The Cutler news makes this trade between experts at FFXtreme and Rotoworld a little more interesting - take a look at the trade that has some forums all riled up.
  • A monkey mocks the NFL Draft. Or something like that - see Cold, Hard Football Facts for more. For another mock that is done with a little less randomness, check out Sports Grumblings' The Inside Slant: Casale's Mock Draft: Version II.


Samuel Raisanen said…
This is a little bit of karmic payback for John Elway refusing to play for the Colts after they drafted him. I'm secretly holding out hope that the Lions will work out a deal that involves sending either the 1st overall pick or a draft and trade Stafford deal. I've already said that if the Lions end up with Stafford as our quarter back next year there is a good chance at extending our losing streak to 32.
TheDewd said…
Cleveland has 2 quality QB's.

How about Derek Anderson in Denver? His arm strength isn't much of a drop off from Cutler's, and he's not a jackazz like Cutler.
bigboid said…
I haven't read the Gregg Rosenthal column yet, but I could've told you the fantasy values in Denver went topsy-turvy as soon as Shanny was fired. No longer will Denver run the type of offense/blocking scheme that virtually guarantees your grandmother could rush for 1,000 yds per season. The entire offense in Denver has been or will be overhauled, so chances are they will be much more like the rest of the NFL. Any way you slice it, the fantasy values will be different.
Ryan Williams said…
The sad part about the Cutler soap opera to the Broncos as an organization, is the "Offense" was the one strength of the team. Now last year's 9th best Offensive machine is full of uncertainty. Who knows how much better the "Defensive" side of the Broncos will be next year, after being 31st ranked overall - according to the Aikman Rating system. Only the Lions had a worst Defense last year, sigh.

The Broncos will "need" multiple picks to rebuild and/or some like Derek Anderson (QB) plus Shaun Rogers (DT)to be able to a force in the division at all.

I doubt the Detroit Lions with 2 first round picks will pay the price, as they need to rebuild they whole team (Offensive and Defense).

Basically what team's management thinks' there one high-impact player from winning their division and possibly the Superbowl? Whoever that is, I think will pay the price for Cutler.

Tennessee Titans, as a dark horse? Tennessee gets Cutler, who pays picks to the Cleveland Browns, who trade Derek Anderson, Shaun Rogers plus 2nd + 4th draft picks to Denver Broncos?

Tampa Bucs have a chance too, but I think Pat Bowlen would want some combination of players + picks for Cutler. But who can Tampa trade to Denver, who would help?

The other most likely candidate would be the N.Y. Jets, without question as they are not sure about their current QB roster & traded for Farve last year. But will they be able & willing pay as much as the Titans can? Possibly yes.

Source of Aikman Ratings can be found:
Ryan Williams said…
Extra Information:

Why the Titans as my darkhorse, I think?

1st - The lack of a passing game, plus an injured Chris Johnson (RB), sink the Titans chances in last years playoffs.
2nd - Kerry Collins is not a franchise QB, just a game manager.
3rd - uncertainty about Vince Young as a starter, and a 2nd QB. Mgmt. isn't sure he's committed enough to working and refining this game.
4th - Coach Jeff Fisher fired the then new offensive coordinator who "picked" Vince Young last off-season - Norm Chow. At which time, he was unhappy with the direction of the team's offense under Norm Chow.
5th - The Tennessee Titans are close to being a championship team, but lack a franchise QB who can open up the 8 man fronts the Titans were seeing last year. Cutler is good enough to be their QB and take this team to the Superbowl.
6th - Looks like the Titans will sign former Rams Wide Receiver T. Holt soon.
7th - Assuming T. Holt signs, to going along with recently signed free agent WR Nate Washington. The Titans would have three excellent passing catching Tight Ends, C. Stevens, A. Crumpler and B. Scaife for a counter-balance attack and mixed run, pass offensive.
8th - Having Cutler on the Titans would take some of the heat off the Defensive side of the ball, which is a Titan's strength.
9th - But really adding Cutler to the Titans, would turn Chris Johnson into a more dangerous all-round back than Adrian Peterson is. Peterson simply faces too many 8 man fronts, too.
10th - Jeff Fisher wants to win, after being in the job 13 years; and recently was quoted saying,

"Fisher said Young came to his office to ask what he needed to do to earn the starting job back. [b]The coach said the Titans just want to get the best players at every position."[/b]

Source of quote:;_ylt=Ajp5MozW_kqD.ybJlj0l0wQdsLYF?slug=ap-titans-young&prov=ap&type=lgns&print=1

Overall, I do think both the Titans, Browns and Broncos will benefit in this trade (Derek Anderson + Shaun Rogers + draft picks from the Browns), regardless of what Cutler thinks of it.

That's all for now in Los Angeles ;-)
Mike Okslong said…
The Titans paying 3 QB's starters money?

Just because Cutler wants to play for the Titans doesn't mean it's going to happen.
Ryan Williams said…
Good point Mike Okslong, about paying the Titans 3 QB's getting starter type paychecks, yet the Titans could of trade V. Young and one of their signed 13 Defensive lineman possibly too.

However the one team I discounted too much, the "Chicago Bears", was more wanting of Cutler, according to a break story:

"Kyle Orton and first-round picks in 2009 and 2010, a source said. To complete the trade, the Broncos had to give back a third-round pick in 2009".

ChicagoSportsFan did a hilarious April Fool's Joke about the Bears mortgaging their team for Cutler (Urlacher, Briggs, R. Gould, and all their 2009 picks for Culter)...and shockingly that blogger for on to something.


Cutler's two preferred teams were the Titans and the Chicago, I recall yes? Wow...
John Elway said…
You heard it here first:

Orton is the best QB Denver has had since I left.

Get used to hearing "Orton to Marshall" on a regular basis (well, at least on a regular basis after Marshall serves his suspension).

And Orton can outdrink that punk Cutler any day of the week (he is a machine on Saturday nights!)

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