Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mixing in some basketball

My brother-in-law is coming to visit this weekend - should be fun, we always have a good time when he's around. He's in town to hit up the Duke vs Gonzaga game at Madison Square Garden on Saturday - he went to law school at Duke and is quite the Duke fan. I'm psyched for the game and to see his fandom in action live and in person. Here's hoping that upcoming snowstorm doesn't trap him here, though it looks like my native Virginia might get the brunt of the storm with much of the northeast missing out on a pre-Christmas blanketing of snow.  

Meanwhile today I am huddled over a cup of coffee trying to stay warm and caffeinated - prepping for my shopping excursion this afternoon. And tonight we'll be looking for a sports bar in which to watch the Colts vs Jags game. All in all, a nice day ahead. So let's get to today's links without further ado:

Finally, we won the $50 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings for all your comments last week! Thanks to all who commented. With a random drawing, the gift card went to commenter Tim...let's see if we can get another one this week. The blogger with the most comments on the BWW All-Star Blogger League site wins that $50 gift card and I will then pick a name at random from the commenters. So get commenting on my post today on the BWW site!


LestersLegends said...

Chris Henry's passing was very sad. He seemed to be turning his life around.

Storms said...

I enjoy your site. But I do find the lists for waiver wire pickups and start/sits to be a bit repetitive. They essentially all say the same thing. I think what's really needed is some analysis of the weeks ahead, especially during playoff time. For example I just picked up the SF defense. I'm certainly not playing them this week, but look at their schedule for the next two weeks. Super Bowl gold.

Unknown said...

sat reggie wayne... :( after 3 consecutive weeks of single digit scoring and rumors of sitting injured players (was listed as probable) he puts up 26 points! hope cribs can match that. (DOUBT IT!)