Friday, December 11, 2009

Week 14 info and 2010 season prep

Thanks to all who came to Buffalo Wild Wings last night for the first official FFLibrarian Game Watch, especially those of you who stayed til the bitter end or traveled across boroughs to get there. Good times despite the crappy game we all endured. Oh Steelers. At the start of the season, who would've guessed that one was coming?

I've got a fun weekend ahead - a little mini college reunion of sorts. There are four of us that were roommates during college and now that I live here in NYC, we're all in the northeast - two of us are even in Brooklyn. Since we've previously been spread across the country - and the world now that I think about it - our close proximity is just too good to pass up. So the two non-NYCers are coming into town for some weekend fun. Certainly makes up for the lack of college football.

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Unknown said...

Hi Sara!

Thanks again for organizing last night's meetup. Had lotsa fun (and - as you suggested - made a bad NFL game enjoyable).

Checked out FFXtreme 2010 FFL mock draft. Now I have motivation to watch the Poinsettia and Music City Bowls to check out the Cal and Clemson RBs.


Jersey City

LestersLegends said...

Good luck in the KFFL playoffs this weekend Sara!

Just wanted to spread the word that I'm running a promo to help pick the NFL Director of Fandemonium. As a bonus, someone will win $75 at
Click here if you want the details

Unknown said...

last night's game wasn't crappy for Browns fans :)