Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Week 17 playoffs prep

Hello from the 95 corridor - I'm en route from DC to NYC on a truly special bus. It's filled with plug-ins, wifi, and New Year's Eve cheer, so I thought I'd get a few links up while I'm cruising up the east coast. Many thanks to those of you who asked after my car situation. We've got a new clutch in my mom's car and hit the road back up to DC late yesterday afternoon. After spending a little time in a new sports bar in my neck of the Arlington, VA woods upon our arrival last night, we're all a little better than ever. Soon we'll finally be back in the comfort of our own home surrounded by two cats that no doubt will be overeager for some loving. Sure hope they're psyched to watch some bowl games...

 We've got Week 17 prep going on in a serious way, my friends. Read on for today's tips:

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