Thursday, October 21, 2010

Helpful links for success in 2nd half of fantasy season

I've never been a great napper - there was a year in college when I embraced the nap lifestyle for a quarter but for the most part I'm more of a power-through-it kind of chick who can live on limited sleep when needed. But this baby thing, whole different ball game my friends. I realize I was told this by countless people (including many of you!) but there's no way to understand until you're experiencing it: the sleep deprivation is truly phenomenal and I'm learning how to take a nap in most any situation. I had family in town yesterday and between the family and the sleep loss, yesterday's post got lost in the shuffle. But I'm back at it today, going fast and furious while I can sneak some reading/posting time in:

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Rushi said...

Chris Cooley is expected to start, so be careful about Fred Davis