Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Week 6 linkage

We got a solid hail storm here in Brooklyn last night around Monday Night Football game time - kudos to those fans who stuck it out at the stadium since it seemed rather intense out there. Also intense? Some of the injuries that are plaguing fantasy teams - 2010 has felt like a particularly tricky year just in the lack of serious fantasy consistency and health from the usual suspects. So let's take a look at some waiver wire suggestions and other links for this Tuesday.

Waiver wire lovin':

Or try a few early Week 6 positional rankings, either from CBSSports.com or LestersLegends.com (the latter goes to RBs but other positions are linked off that page).


LestersLegends said...

Tons of injuries and they want to add two more games. I'm all for more football, but I'd rather watch 16 games of Aaron Rodgers than 14 of him and four of Matt Flynn.

Thanks for the link. Hope you and the baby are doing great.

Anonymous said...

How would 18 games reduce the number of times you see players like Aaron Rodgers? If anything, you'd see more games with those players in the regular season because they have more time to recover (think Sidney Rice or Jermichael Finley, who are both expected to return near the cusp of the playoffs).

But two games added would not reduce the number of games they play... That doesn't make sense (unless, theoretically, those last two games result in an injury that carries over until the next year).