Saturday, October 09, 2010

Week 5 Consensus Start/Sit

Greetings from early morning baby feeding land. My husband is passed out horizontally along the bed right now in what I'll call the I'm-awake-if-you-need-me stance of total new parent exhaustion. I'm adjusting to this cat nap lifestyle though, I think, and have been able to pull together this week's consensus start/sit list. As a reminder I use the expert start/sit links I posted yesterday to tally up the number of players with the most start or sit votes. Names are listed below in no particular order and are hopefully helpful in making some tough decisions this weekend.

Here are your Week 5 Consensus Start/Sits:

Start: Matt Ryan, Eli Manning, Sam Bradford, Joe Flacco
Sit: Donovan McNabb, Kyle Orton

Start: Jamaal Charles, Ryan Mathews (also a lot of votes for Tolbert instead), Fred Jackson
Sit: Marion Barber, Ray Rice, Cadillac Williams

Start: Hakeem Nicks, Donald Driver, Mark Clayton
Sit: Larry Fitzgerald, Malcolm Floyd

Start: Zach Miller, Marcedes Lewis
Sit: Tony Moeaki

Start: Bears, Falcons
Sit: Titans

Start: Carney, Buehler, Gould
Sit: no consensus


J in Dallas said...

Ah yes the cat naps...actually worth alot of $$$..jk

Not too much mention about R. Moss starting this week?

Anonymous said...

Ray Rice is killing me this year. I'm hoping he's a viable start this week (not that I have a choice).

MrMo said...

I stayed home with our 1-month old today while the wife went shopping with her mom. I thought she was going to spontaneously combust if she didn't get out of the house.

J - Moss will be limited this week until he learns the terms the Vikes use. Sure, the passing tree isn't complicated, but he'll have to learn the nomenclature to be a full part of the Vikes' offense.

As for Rice - he'll come around. It hasn't been a huge year for consistent RB play except for Arian Foster. I have MJD and Chris Johnson, so I feel some of your pain with inconsistency.

kate reymann said...

OMG. I am so in awe of you pulling together a consensus for all of us with a teeny tiny absolutely adorable new kiddo. My son was born two years ago next week and my fantasy leagues tanked for the rest of the season. You are amazing! I hope you are getting a little bit of sleep.

TCHS Band Webmaster said...

wish me luck...i just benched Orton for Eli Manning based on this.

srudoff said...

ray rice, malcolm floyd and fitzgerald on the sit lists huh??

goes to show that's it just a guessing game