Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Do you have a snow day? Make it a FFLibrarian day!

A funny thing happened this morning as I awoke to the sound of hail hitting our bedroom window with some unpleasant regularity and ferocity - it occurred to me that I don't actually have to leave my apartment today if I don't want to. As a freelance writer who works from home (sounds so much better than an unemployed librarian, doesn't it?), there's absolutely no one out there who is expecting me to be anywhere other than here at home. I'll liken this realization to the one that college kids have when they leave home for the first time and realize that they can have ice cream for breakfast if they really want - you know you probably shouldn't, but it's certainly an option. If I stay inside all day, this might be my first step towards being the crazy cat lady who never leaves her I'm counting on the weatherman to be right that this will blow over by late afternoon and will plan my daily outing accordingly. Now for those of you with several inches of snow outside (I'm jealous!), may you be enjoying a snow day today!

So onto today's links...

  • We've got lots of waiver wire links still churning out:
  • If you're a Maurice Jones-Drew owner, you might want to take a look at The Huddle's discussion of whether or not he's wearing down as the season progresses.
  • Rotoworld's Week 13 Target Report Highlights shows why Davone Bess is a popular name off of waiver wires this week.
  • A few start/sit and ranking links are up:
  • If you're a FFToolbox reader, take just a quick minute to fill out their survey asking for your opinion on changes and improvements to the awesome resources they provide.
  • I grabbed the Carolina D/ST last week and had much success with that move - I highly endorse picking up D/STs based on matchups and Razzball has a nice article on D/STs to snag for the playoffs in The Best Defense is a Good Matchup.
  • I think this will be the second week that we've lost out on the chance for a $50 gift card from Buffalo Wild Wings - the blogger with the most comments on the All-Star Blogger League site is eligible for that gift card and we've lost to Sports Outlaw lately. So bring on the comments! I'll be randomly selecting from the commenters to determine the winner of the gift card - so comment away on my post today.
Finally, one last reminder for those in the NYC area to come on out for the Thursday Night Football game tomorrow at the Brooklyn Buffalo Wild Wings - if you're interested in coming (we'll be arriving around 8), send me an e-mail!


Nick Bubb said...

17 inches so far in Madison, WI.

LestersLegends said...

We were supposed to get a ton of snow in MN, but it's been mainly very windy. Weather terrorists struck fear again.

dan said...

Thanks for all the help throughout the season, FFL. I made the playoffs in all 3 of my leagues - but I'm facing off VS Chris Johnson in two of them this week - so it'll be one and done for me. I did get a bye in my other league, so that's good. We got 6" (wet and HEAVY) in Massachusetts, which was plenty for me - 17" woulda killed me.