Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kicking back with some preseason football!

I'm happily curled up on the couch watching the Broncos vs Bengals game, wondering just how Tim Tebow is going to look tonight. I feel like I can admit to you all that I'm actually watching and enjoying preseason football, something not many can relate to...except perhaps our grocery delivery dude (yeah, I know, we're ridiculous for getting our groceries delivered but it's cheaper and easier than going to the grocery store! Really!) - he told me he felt that many preseason games were actually better than regular season games. Hmm. Not jumping on that bandwagon but I'm still pretty entertained right now.

Lots of news though from this weekend's games so let's get tonight's links:

  • And speaking of this weekend's news, let's hit a few of the player injury highlights from FFToolbox: Fitzgerald to be conservative with knee injury and Ryan Grant suffers head injury. Both pretty big names at their position, so stay on top of these news items. Plus big news for the Texans with Ben Tate Likely Out for Season.
  • For other issues to keep an eye on before draft day arrives, see what the Fifth Down's 10 Situations to Monitor in Your Fantasy Football Draft.
  • Something else you'll want to keep in mind for draft day - scheduling for the fantasy playoffs. Keeping in mind that a lot can change in a year and we'll know more about the strength of defenses soon, this Scheduling for Success article from Rotoworld still has a great deal of value. As noted, this list can help you make some serious tie breaking decisions.
  • I'm still tracking down PPR rankings just to see what's available out there and The Sports Outlaw has PPR rankings up by position - standard scoring is also available off that page. Keep in mind that a lot of sites are likely going to tweak their rankings after this weekend's games so anticipate that these rankings will be updated soon.
  • For more rankings as well as team previews and PPR gems among other features, take a look at Fantasy Phenoms' 2010 Draft Guide.
  • Many of you have e-mailed for a copy of my average rankings position spreadsheet (updated this weekend to include ranking within position and bye week info) but have also expressed interest in ADP (average draft position) info. Slight but important difference from the rankings. So if you're up for some ADP analysis, definitely take a look at what the Bruno Boys have pulled together.
  • Meanwhile, head over to if it's sleepers that you're in the market for - they take a look at NFC West fantasy sleepers (and super-sleepers) including one of my fantasy crushes, Laurent Robinson.
  • takes a look back at 2009's Top 40 RBs to tally up their number of games with 20+ carries and 20+ touches (carries + receptions). Probably not shocking info for most of you but it is some good food for thought; makes you wonder what some of these guys could do given a few more touches. 
  • Finally, a much-discussed topic in fantasyland every year: 3rd-year receivers.'s The class of third-year receivers does a nice job of summarizing the reasons you should be interested in this theory and focus in on 15 guys who could impress/surprise this year. 


Anonymous said...

in all of your charts and grafts... would it be difficult to find the most accurate people at predicting out comes minus the top 50? if you really DO win championships with your late round picks this would be interesting to see. i feel like I've seen something like this on here... but not from you? -potlicker

H00KemH02NS said...

Long time subscriber, first time poster here.

I've written a couple articles for Fantasy Guru ( talking about the problems with draft position and best player lists... and it might be a good idea to consider for your next compilation.

Probably the most glaring flaw is that player rankings, without cosidering scoring systems, are incomplete. For instance, if your leauge gives 6 pts for a passing TD vs. 4 pts it's a serious bump to QB value. How could a site psosibly account for that when assembling a list? Is Aaron Rodgers REALLY less valuable than Frank Gore in that scoring system?

I'll stop there so I don't sound like I'm pumping my own material. But it should be enough to make us pause and ask if there's a better way to rank players.

Dave - said...

I totally agree that overall rankings are pretty dangerous to use. Probably even more of an issue than just the scoring (e.g. QB TDs), are the factors of scarcity and team needs. Basically, what positions are getting gobbled up in YOUR draft and what needs YOU still have left on your team as the draft unfolds are the driving forces of when you'll take certain positions.

Positions lists are the way to go. Overall lists do help though, when coupled with ADP data, to give you an idea of how your draft may go in terms of when certain player tiers in different positions are taken off the board.

Anyway, just a long-winded way of agreeing with the last comment.