Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Waiver Time - Week 13

Waiver wire time, my friends. The next few weeks are crucial - either you're trying to make the playoffs or you're so far out of the playoffs race that you're just trying to prove you're better than your record. Either way, we all want to win, no? So take a look at some of the links below for advice on which free agents you should try to grab:

  • FF Geek Blog - The Wire: Week 13 - as always, these guys continue to churn out some quality stuff. I am particularly interested in Greg Lewis here - haven't seen his name on a ton of other waiver wire sites. Nice work, FF Geeks.
  • Check out The Hazean's Grab Bag: Week 13. One note of caution, Denver's Andre Hall suffered a high ankle sprain this past weekend but played through it. It's unclear if he'll be able to play this week or not (um, who's left in Denver? Wait - me! I'll get my gear together and try out...though in all seriousness, Wali Lundy has been working out a bit here) - so keep your eye on that situation.
  • Rotoworld's Waiver Wired: The Other Original - it's all Adrian Petersons all the time.
  • The Sports Outlaw doesn't have their Weekly Waiver Wire Moves - Week 13 up quite yet, so check back for an updated link later today.
  • NFLFreaks.com's Hot Waiver Wire Picks - Week 13 - they make an excellent point here that the Chiefs face 3 teams with rushing Ds ranked 23rd or lower. Yes, please go get Kolby Smith.
  • NFL.com's Risers & Fallers: Gore, Welker have solid weeks - oh yeah, Frank Gore. I can't get enough of that guy. Note the major downgrades to Losman and Hackett, among others.
  • FanNation's Wire Tap advises against Jabar Gaffney even though he has a pretty rad name.
  • FF Toolbox's Week 13: Pickups of the Week - didn't think I'd be seeing Trent Dilfer's name on here. Ever. But there it is. Along with amazing Tony Scheffler.
As always, more waiver links will be posted tomorrow, as well as some start/sit advice (I hope) for Thursday's game. I am going out of town this weekend - a super last minute decision to fly to Atlanta for the SEC Championship game (and to visit family). I sadly will be flying during both the Thursday night game and the Sunday afternoon games...so I will likely not be on chat after Thursday morning - so get your lineup questions in to me early. I will still get my normal posts up though, never fear!

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Anonymous said...

I want to say outstanding job. I have discovered this website a few weeks ago and have checked it every day since. Keep up the good work and thanks!

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Thanks Ryan - glad the site is helpful and I appreciate hearing the feedback!

Andy said...

What's the latest word with the Denver running back situation? I would think that Bell would be next in line to start, but with his fumble he went right back into the doghouse. And Sapp coming in soon after got some carries, but wouldn't he be better served as FB? So does Wali Lundy have a shot if Henry, Young and Hall can't go (it's a sad state of affairs for my team - in a 16 team league - when I have to ask that question).

Highlander said...

Ms. Librarian,

You are the best, too bad your not available on the waiver wire.
Checkout Fantasy Sports Central, they give an average weekly rating from like 10 diferent sites by position.
I am fortunate to have clinched a playoff spot in my keeper (also IDP) money league. Are their any sites that are looking at week 15 & 16 (playoff weeks) as far as good and bad matchups? I remember seeing an article somewhere, but cant find it now. I know you like to reseach, I appreciate any help.
PS How do I get a library card?