Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Waivers and Start/Sit Advice - Week 13

Somehow, I acquired Adrian Peterson (CHI) off the waiver wire last night. I am ranked #2 in this league and thus had the 11th ranking for waiver transactions. Since I had Benson in that league, I put in the request for AP2 and I ended up getting him. Droughns and Cobbs went off the wire first - does anyone else find that odd? Are expectations that low for AP2? Granted, I'm not sure I'll be starting him anytime soon since I've got a little depth at RB, but I can't believe someone actually wanted Cobbs before Peterson. It's a strange fantasy world out there.

So there are of course more waiver wire articles to read this fine morning if you find yourself still in need of grabbing a free agent:

  • CBS Sports' Playing through the Wire: Fantasy epidemic - an important note is somewhat buried in here - Selvin Young is expected to play this week. He's questionable right now but keep an eye on his status. Another interesting tidbit from the Denver Post: the Raiders haven't scored in 10 of their last 14 quarters when hosting Denver.
  • NFL's Fabiano: Enjoy Tom Brady's success while it lasts - why Brady is likely to be a massive disappointment next year (my husband is thrilled at that thought) but also a wavier wire focus that includes Isaac Bruce, Justin Gage and my boy Scheffler.
  • 411 Fantasy Football's Week 13 Waivers - need a kicker? How about Scobee, a man with not only a great leg but a great last name, too.
  • Pigskin Addiction's Waiver Wire Gems - is Anthony Gonzalez still a free agent in your league? Definitely a guy worth considering...
  • FF Today's Through the Wire: Week 13 - personally I am very interested in what kind of numbers and action Javon Walker sees this weekend.
  • Fox Sports' Waiver watch: Claim Branch, Engram - some love for the Seattle receivers.
Wondering if any start/sit sites are up yet? Yes. So read on...

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cyberfire2k4 said...

I was wondering who i should plug into my WR slot for this weekend. I need to pick two between Marques Colston, Donald Driver, and Joey Galloway.

I am not sure if Brees is going to have a decent day and a bad day for Brees should mean a bad day for Galloway.

Donald Driver has a week secondary this week so he should be a decent pick but then again i don't know if it will push him over the top of the other two.

Joey Galloway has ripped apart NO last game and even in previous years, but Galloway is so streaky i'm not sure if he is a good choice this week.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say that the Brady article wasn't interesting (love your blog, regardless). I thought the story was going to have a scoop on what NE ownership planned to do about the WR free agents. Saying that Brady won't have two record-breaking seasons in a row isn't exactly going out on a limb... but if Moss and Welker come back, I'll take Brady in a heartbeat next year.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Cyberfire - I'd go with Colston. I know there are some Brees (and thus Colston) naysayers out there this week, but Colston has just gotten it done several weeks in a row now.

Sammy - you're a smart one. I do imagine there will be much clamoring for Brady in early rounds next year. If I can find an article that has the scoop on NE's plans, I will let you know. But then I'd probably be a miracle worker. I do love hearing any sort of feedback at all, so thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Who would you start this week?Pick one

Plaxico Burress
Bernard Berrian
Amani Toomer


Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Of those three, I think I'd go with Berrian. The Giants have given up some big receiving yards and Grossman and Berrian seem to be connecting well.