Thursday, December 20, 2007

Start or Sit Links for Week 16

Last day of work before my holiday vacation begins! And both an NFL game and a bowl game tonight?! Great day ahead.

So yesterday I got up a few start/sit links and I have several more for today. I normally post my consensus start or sit list on Fridays but since I'll be traveling back to my family in the D.C. burbs for much of the day, I don't think I'll be able to get it up until Saturday. The IDP post will also be postponed until Saturday. I know a lot of you are nervous about your lineup decisions this week but patience, please, my football friends.

I'll likely be on chat this afternoon if you need a second opinion or lineup sounding board.

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Anonymous said...

Pick One:
Brees or Derek Anderson

Pick Two:
Galloway, Roddy White, David Patten, Shaun McDonald

Highlander said...

Im not a librarian, just a book worm.
Anderson with Galloway and McDonald

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Chris - I'd go with Brees at QB since he's been looking really good recently and Anderson could be throwing in the snow again (40% chance) - we all saw how poorly that worked out for him last week. For WR, go with Galloway and McDonald. Tough choice between Patten and McDonald, but I think based on matchups, I'd roll with McDonald.