Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Conference championships approaching quickly...

I realize my earlier post today wasn't exactly chock full o' football info, so here are a few more thoughts for you on the playoffs and the 2008 season:

  • Want the latest news on this weekend’s championship games? Try Sports Grumblings’ Fantasy Grumblings: Playoff Buzz, which includes the interesting tidbit that “the Giants-Cowboys game drew the biggest national audience of any divisional contest in 11 years.” Wow, I’m impressed.
  • Philip Rivers. I am not a fan - but that's probably partially due to the fact that I'm a chick who doesn't care for those who taunt my Broncos; but from a fantasy standpoint, I feel he was an utter disappointment this year. So I can guarantee his taunting ways and sub-par performance mean I won't be drafting him next season. Glad to see others are irritated by him, too.
  • Call it self-congratulating or whatever, but I’d like to guide you all over to The Hazean’s Nine must-subscribe fantasy football feeds article. I’m honored to be on that list and realized that I don’t visit a few of those sites nearly as often as I should. Expect to see that remedied!
  • As a Maroney fantasy owner and supporter, it’s nice to get some confirmation that Maroney’s season wasn’t quite the disaster it appeared to be back in early October or so – Football Outsiders has Maroney ranked as 6th for total value among RBs who had at least 75 carries. And apparently Belichick is happy with him, which can only mean good things for Maroney in 2008 if you ask me.
  • Yesterday I mentioned the Bruno Boys’ series on the good, the bad, and the ugly of the 2007 season – their next piece in the series is up: “The Good” – Running Backs.
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Jim Nguyen said...

Good job moving up to top 5! I slipped a little but sitting in 13th place. Here's a blog that has additional information for sleepers for this coming weekend on check it out!