Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Revving up for the Super Bowl

Yes, it's true football fans - we're looking at our first weekend without football since last summer. It was 4 degrees this morning when I walked out the door so summer seems like so, so long ago. It's just a tough time and we might all stunningly acquire new hobbies, skills, and interests. Or just keep checking fantasy sites religiously for new information that could possibly make us better drafters in 7 months. And if more information is what you want, then that is what you will get.

So first, let's delve into some of the many SB articles that are cropping up.

Questions about 2008?
  • Marion Barber-philes will enjoy this Pro Football Reference Blog summation of Barber's career and how he compares historically with other RBs...and then what that might say about where his career is headed next. The prediction here is that he will be on the "short list of running backs at the very top of fantasy draft boards" in 2008. Read on for the details.
  • NFL Draft Day is really not that far off, friends. Shouldn't you be paying attention to the Senior Bowl? Catch up with SI's Senior Bowl Risers and Sliders or Rotoworld's Live from Mobile: Day Two.
All for today!

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