Monday, January 14, 2008

Playoff surprises and more on 2008

Wow...neither of yesterday's playoff games had the outcome I was anticipating. I mean, the Colts didn't win?! Granted, I live with a massive Colts fan (who is now rather sullen over the state of the football season), but I just didn't really see that one coming. My husband called the Giants win (though that might be because of his love for all things Manning) and I'm sure the NY Post was thrilled to see their Fake Jessica have some success, but again...I didn't see that one coming. The FF Goat did though - nice work on that Giants pick, Goat. So my congrats to this weekend's winners and my condolences to the losers.

Onto some other thoughts out there:

Have a good one and I'll be sure to blog later about which players are in the lead in the FF Librarian's Challenge!

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Jim Nguyen said...

I don't think anyone saw the Chargers win (save a few souls in San Diego) but I don't think the Giants result is all too surprising. The Giants are certainly shaping up to be this year's Cinderella team.

In the NFL challenge, I don't think it would hurt to have all Patriots on your team, now that one can change out only 4 guys for the next week. I played both Moss and Welker, and although Moss disappointed, combined they still did well. I knew Ben Watson was going to do well, didn't think he'd catch 2 TDs though. Wish I had him instead of Kevin Boss!

- Freddie

Anonymous said...

You are right Freddie, nobody could have seen the Chargers winning that one.

Thanks, as always, for the props FFL. To bad I had to roll with the Seahawks though. They sure cashed it in early.