Sunday, January 13, 2008

Divisionals, Round 2 update

Good morning and welcome to Day 2 of the Divisional Round of playoffs. I'm enjoying a strong cup of coffee and some Sunday NFL Countdown (interspersed with Meet the Press to be honest). And frankly, I'm pretty pleased with my final fantasy lineup for the week in the FF Librarian's Challenge:

Tom Brady (28 points)
Ryan Grant (34 points)
Laurence Maroney (22 points)
Reggie Wayne
Wes Welker (12 points)
Benjamin Watson (13 points)
Josh Scobee (8 points)
Dallas Cowboys

So far I have 117 points, which is a vast improvement over last week's performance. That said, I have a lot of ground to gain and have put a lot of eggs in the Patriots basket and am hoping that will work out for me. I chose Benjamin Watson since the Jags have been so weak against TEs and that worked out really well, but I may do some rearranging with my TE to make room for another kicker before next week. To be determined.

I hope the rest of you have also had success. Good luck!

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