Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Week 19 prep and beyond

I have now officially overhauled my playoffs lineup twice since my post yesterday. I've kept Brady but played around with just about every other position, second-guessing myself a lot. As a normally extremely decisive person, this wavering is driving me crazy. Anyone else in the same boat? Now several of you have pointed out before that sometimes too much information is a bad thing - but that won't stop me from posting (and reading) rankings and such for this weekend's games. So without further ado:

Now for those who with long-term vision here who are looking for 2008 info, read on. is rolling out their early fantasy keepers series - I posted the QBs article the other day - and today we have Fantasy Keepers: Running backs. Or if you're searching for some early 2008 sleepers, check out Fox Sports' Fantasy sleepers: Bulger will rebound.

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Football Jabber said...

Lineup Set. That's getting tough. I kept coming like 4 points over and had to re-work things.


Unknown said...

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