Monday, January 07, 2008

FF Librarian's Challenge Update

For those 80 of you involved in the FF Librarian's Challenge on with me, I thought you might want an update on how the standings look after Week One. If you are in the challenge and want to look at the full standings to see where you rank, just click on the Standings tab/link once you have logged in and you should be able to find yourself among all 81 of us.

Sadly, I should report that I am deep in the middle of the pack at 42nd. It hurts. But I'm coming back this week, baby, so watch out. The rest of us should all be in awe of the FF Goat - I've known this for awhile, but if you haven't had a chance to experience the Goat yet, I strongly recommend you check out his blog Fantasy Football Goat. I mean the guy is in the lead here for a reason - he knows his stuff.

The top 10 goes like this:

  2. JaredKS
  3. Vickless
  4. Bruno Boys Fantasy Football
  5. vator-x squad
  6. day old bannana pudin
  7. Fantasy Sports Matrix - Freddie
  8. Dancing Nancies
  9. Flaming Barracuda's
  10. SD Bolts

Now I just have to tell Motor City Kitties (Sam, a good friend of mine) that I am so sorry he started such a crew of crappy players and fell into 81st place. And not just by a small margin either, Sam, so I hope you've got some great tricks up your sleeve for the rest of the playoffs. I'm glad I actually know the person in last place so I don't have to make fun of a stranger here.

Now back to focusing on the LSU v OSU game.

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LJ said...

What a terrible outing for me...ugh.

Jim Nguyen said...

didn't think I did that well, but it's good to be up there with some heavy hitters like Goat and Bruno Boys. We'll see come round 2. Good luck FFL, and everyone!

- Freddie