Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Morning Update

Let's just take a moment here to reflect on how unfortunate it is that we won't be seeing the Packers in the Super Bowl. I'm sorry Giants fans, but I just really can't get my mind around the fact that the Giants are going to the Super Bowl this year. Not what I was expecting or hoping for really. So, much to my Colts-loving husband's dismay but my Pats-loving sister's delight, I will be pulling for the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Some football thoughts for you today:

So let's get to the latest update from the FF Librarian's Challenge. Like many of you, this was kind of a bad points week for me - the highest point total this week went to tunaslayer who had 89 points. Well done, tunaslayer, you ended up with 25 points more than I did - but for reference, that would have placed 47th last weekend when the highest point total (from 50's Big Perms) was 141. Interesting stuff. So the top 10 this week also included Flaming Barracuda's, winners, DA Bears, green bay tribes, 85 bears, FashizzelMyIzzelRizzo, mangeniuses, greatest show on turf, Fightin' Armadillos. And the overall top 10 are:

  1. 50's Big Perms (295 points)
  2. Black Juicers (282 points)
  3. FFLibrarian (279 points)
  4. Power & Speed (274 points)
  5. Chop Block Champs (273 points)
  6. fooseball (273 points)
  7. Flaming Barracuda's (273 points)
  8. DUTCHMEN (270 points)
  9. Krafty's Kannibals (269 points)
  10. Fightin' Armadillos (269 points)

Okay, it's after 12:30 in Colorado so it might be time to finally get out of my pajamas. Man, I love three-day weekends.

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