Monday, January 28, 2008

T minus 6 until the Super Bowl

This week the Super Bowl madness begins. I think right now we're probably all jealous of those who are already in Glendale or are en route to Glendale. I know I'd probably sacrifice something ridiculously crucial like my right hand to have the chance to experience Super Bowl week. Okay, maybe my left hand. But let's dive into some football links here...

  • As if anyone actually thought that Brady wouldn't play in the Super Bowl - he has confirmed that he will be good to go on Sunday.
  • Gregg Rosenthal recognizes how great his job is and will be blogging all week long from Arizona about his various Super Bowl week highlights.
  • I think we're hosting a Super Bowl party this year - usually our friends who just had twins host the party, and so by default we're stepping up and being hosts. So here's my big question - what kind of Super Bowl party food do you serve to a room full of vegetarians?? Remember, we live in Boulder, Colorado, where an outrageous number of people have shunned meat and so I'm expecting about 1/2 to 2/3 of our party will be going veg. Beer will of course be available but in the interest of providing our revelers with a way to fill their stomachs with more than just alcohol, I'm eager for some vegetarian-friendly Super Bowl food suggestions. So bring em. And for those of you unlimited by veg constraints, check out Cold, Hard Football Facts' Gameday Favorites.
Can't stand one more Super Bowl article? Well you're kind of in trouble then for the next few days and I sure hope you're happy reading about primaries and caucuses since there's really nothing else in the news these days outside of the SB and the pres race. But I've found a few choice items, so read on...
Thanks for being patient with me over the past few days in terms of a lack of posts on the site. I know I was pretty quiet this weekend but between a day up in the mountains to ski (awesome day!) and my laptop suddenly crashing on me, it was a chaotic weekend. Fortunately, I think my laptop has been revived from its near certain death as long as I never try to use another flash drive or anything involving the USB ports. Since that's not particularly sustainable and my husband's laptop (on which his entire PhD dissertation lives) also has a tendency to completely overheat and crash, we sadly find ourselves in the laptop market.

In other news, I'm really excited to report that I am actually incorporating fantasy football into my real job as a librarian. Another librarian and I will be presenting at two library conferences this spring on how fantasy football research skills can be translated into general library/academic research skills. One of the conferences is in Las Vegas of all places, which is just highly amusing, no?

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Jim Nguyen said...

I think that there are a lot of options still available for a vegetarian snacker on Super Bowl Sunday:

1. Dips and chips: veggie nachos, guacamole, nacho cheese (permissible?), salsa, spinach, onion, etc.

2. carrots, jicama, celery, artichoke hearts (great fried)

3. chips, pretzels

4. alright I'm out of ideas, but you not a bad start, methinks.


Football Jabber said...

Great...A Saints home game even further away than New Jersey.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Freddie, you are so right. This will be the Year of the Dip for me. Thanks for the good ideas - would not have thought of frying up an artichoke heart.

Anonymous said...

Veg Out?
Bruschetta, nuts (all kinds especially pistachios), hummus and the old staple carrots in a blanket.
The metaphor for Souper Bowl is simple:
Clam chowder- New England vs Manhattan
analyze and compare the chowders- the winner of Souper Bowl lies there