Monday, December 29, 2008

FFLibrarian's 2009 Playoff Challenge!

It has been a long day - we traveled back from Tennessee to Colorado just in time to make it home for the Alamo Bowl where my Northwestern Wildcats are currently beating the Missouri Tigers...but that lead is in peril. I'm crossing my fingers that they can keep it up - so Go Cats!

But in the meantime, I've pulled together another FFLibrarian's Playoff Challenge group through's free postseason game. Last year more than 90 of you joined me, so join in on the fun again! All of the rules and details can be found on but basically you have 300 "points" to snag your 8 players for the NFL playoffs, but can change out a small number of players each week. Very fun and a great way to keep the fantasy fun rolling for another month.

Use this link to join the FFLibrarian's Challenge and if you have any trouble with it at all, let me know and I can e-mail you back with an invitation to join.

Since I just rolled back into town this evening, I'll likely get my first post up with playoff cheatsheets and such tomorrow.


Lester's Legends said...

I'm in. Should be fun.

James Hatfield said...

Hatty Waiver Wire Guru is in the game...

Sam Hendricks said... is in and I look forward to the competition.