Monday, December 01, 2008

Post-holiday weekend fantasy review

Greetings fantasy footballers. Hope you all had a great holiday weekend - I'm struggling to be here at work today after so many days off; fortunately for me I had some foresight 6 months ago and made a dentist appointment for this afternoon. Since I'm the rare individual that actually looks forward to going to the dentist (love a good cleaning!), my afternoon is looking pretty sweet.

But a morning full of fantasy football links sounds pretty good, too, eh? I don't know about you all but somehow I've found myself in a handful of must-win situations in order to make it to the playoffs so I'm still sweating tonight's game - and even the Week 14 games. Where to turn? To the experts...

  • First, I am so sorry Cleveland fans. What a rough turn of events over the past few weeks (wait, past few years? Past SEVERAL years?) and now with Derek Anderson's injury I can only imagine how hard it is to be a Browns fan. My sympathies. If you missed any of the injury news this week, turn to The Hazean's Monday morning rehab for an update.
  • Check out the Fantasy Sharks' On the Rise, On the Fall for thoughts on which of your players might be of more help down the stretch than others. I thought I might see Clinton Portis' name on here - I love him but he had a tough week against the Giants and faces the Ravens next - definitely not ideal.
  • For info on which guys to snag off the waiver wire, take a look at Lester's Legend's Get 'em or Don't Sweat 'em - Ryan Grant owners I hope you've already got Brandon Jackson in mind or on your roster. I'm not convinced that Grant could have returned after all.
  • Or scope out more waiver wire advice from these guys:
  • And finally, if you missed any of the action from the weekend and are wondering which players rounded out the Top 5 in each position, see Rotoworld's Sunday Schooled: All Day and All Night.
Enjoy your Monday and I'll be back tomorrow with more links!


Unknown said...

i have a request that needs a librarians touch... do you know of/ have/could you make a list of best cold weather/ crappy weather kickers. looking for that 15 to 3 game with the guy kicking 5 FG's on my team. i need an edge in the playoffs !

Lester's Legends said...

Lindell. He made a bunch straight within 40. Considering he plays in Buffalo, he's seen it all.

He missed two this week, which could free him up.

You're not showing much faith in Ken Dorsey FFL.