Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Keanu is 44 and fantasy advice

Greetings football fans. I'm hanging out at home this morning since I'm working nights this week to do some usability testing on our new library website with students (any CU students out there, we're giving free pizza for your thoughts) - and I just saw a fawning interview with Keanu Reeves on the Today Show. Um, Keanu is kind of old. No, 44 is not actually that old but I guess I haven't really seen him in a long time (since the first Matrix in 1999 perhaps) but it was a little surprising to see that the guy I remember from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and Point Break is in fact no longer young at all and has a patchy beard. I realize this is hardly a revelation but it was a bit of a gut-punching, "hey, I am getting old, too!" feeling.

Anyway, that has absolutely no connection to fantasy football (I wonder if Keanu plays fantasy sports?) but felt necessary to note. Is this what happens when you don't go to work and sit around watching the Today Show -you just come up with crappy commentary on movie stars? So let's move on to football links. I'm already receiving some start and sit questions from you all, so I know the playoffs prep is in full effect.

  • FFToday's Through the Wire - if you haven't noticed this before, in addition to the great advice Antonio provides in this column, he also welcomes you to e-mail him with questions to help prioritize your waiver options.
  • Fantasy Sharks' Start/Bench List 2008 Week 15 - the Sharks note Eddie Royal as a start for the week against the Panthers and I agree but I'd put Brandon Stokley on that list as well. And Brandon Marshall goes unsaid - all Broncos receivers should have a solid game this week as the Broncos once again have to rely heavily on the passing game. A couple of other start/sit articles so far: FootballDocs' Start Sit and Pigskin Addiction Start/Bench Week 15.
  • RotoExperts' Waiver Wire Tips: The Pickup Artist shows a little love for Seneca Wallace who is likely extremely available in your league. So if you're hurting at QB, grab Wallace who has a nice little matchup against the Rams this week.
  • Talented Mr. Roto: Just saying has the typical Berry humor in some scattered but valuable fantasy thoughts. Take a look for even more reasons to snag Wallace and guys like Deion Branch, Devin Hester and Pierre Thomas. Everywhere I look this week I'm seeing Thomas' name urged since he's owned in so few leagues relative to his recent success.
  • ProFootballWeekly's Week 15 matchups to exploit or avoid looks at some players you might want to concentrate on this week. I knew the Packers' run defense was weak but I'm not sure I realized that at this point they're giving up 141.8 rushing yards per game. Ouch.
  • Looking for some sleepers? Take a look at what FFToolbox's Week 15: Sleepers of the Week has to say - they list some guys that you might have already picked up but are on the fence about actually starting. So read on for reasons to get them off your bench.
  • Every week one of my favorite two or three waiver wire article reads is inevitably AccuScore's NFL Waiver Wire Wonders - I once again recommend that you read it, digest the great work they've done and then get yourself to the waiver wire before some punk in your league beats you to Pierre Thomas.
On a final note, I'd like to make sure my displeasure at Iowa getting a better bowl game (Outback) than my Northwestern Wildcats (Alamo) is heard. We solidly beat Iowa AND we have a better overall record than they do. Don't get me wrong, I'm still psyched we're going to the Alamo Bowl and wish I could be there...but it just doesn't sit well with me. No respect, I tell ya, no respect.


Pat Riot said...

Playoffs Round 2 and another RB bind!

I am starting AP--duh---in my RB1 BUT with Hillis on IR--my RB2 and flex is crowded.

My choices--Ronnie Brown, Derrick Ward, Chester Taylor, Dominic Rhodes, Tatum Bell or Pierre Thomas?

Pick TWO--Help!!!

genushaha said...

Good luck to your Wildcats in the Alamo Bowl. I think you can take Missouri. I root for Northwestern because that's where my darling wife matriculated down the field, even though she's completely oblivious. That and the totally boss purple uniforms. She went to Appy for grad school and really didn't understand at all why beating Michigan was such a big deal. And she went to a Big 10 school?! I'm so blessed we find this aspect of each other's personalities charming. Go Wildcats!

William T said...

Why aren't you going to be there?

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Pat Riot - Since it's too late to recommend Pierre Thomas, I'd go with Ronnie Brown as your RB2. He's got a nice matchup against SF and will likely be able to bring in a rushing TD.

Go Cats indeed, Sean, and William T, I won't be at the bowl game because I've already got plans to fly back from seeing family that day. While I certainly could change our plans, it's probably better that we actually save a little dough and pull for them from home.

Pat Riot said...

Have no fear--I started Pierre Thomas!! I think I may go with Rhodes over Brown....looks like no Addai and well...facing the Lions!!