Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Waiver thoughts and looking ahead to 2009

Well DeAngelo Williams' incredible performance last night had me seriously concerned about my playoffs status in one of my leagues, but I ended up pulling it out by a mere two point victory. May you all have been on the winning side of matchups last night as well. And if so, I've got you covered with lots of waiver wire advice and start/sit links this week. But if you didn't make the playoffs and your 2008 season has come to and end, don't worry, I've got lots of links coming over the next few weeks for you, too...

  • FFXtreme has already taken a stab at a 2009 mock draft - you gotta love the early mock.
  • Hatty Waiver Wire Guru's Week 15 video - includes pickups, spot starters and other thoughts for Week 15.
  • FFGeekBlog's The Wire: Waiver Wire Pickups for Week 15, 2008 - the inclusion of waiver wire kickers and defenses is really clutch here. Those are positions that can just be overlooked way too often, but make a huge difference in the playoffs.
  • With so many important injuries this past weekend for fantasy footballers, I highly recommend keeping an eye on Stephania Bell's injury blog for ESPN as the week goes on.
  • And while we're talking injuries, get the fantasy scoop on injuries in Rotoworld's Football Daily Dose. I must admit I'm nervous for my Broncos without Hillis in the game, particularly up against the Panthers this weekend. Could be ugly. Without a reliable back I imagine Cutler will be airing it out quite a bit, which could lead to lots of yards...but also lots of potential for interceptions. I'll be keeping my Cutler fingers crossed.
  • NFL.com's Waiver Wire video advises grabbing QBs like Shaun Hill (solid matchup against the Dolphins coming up in Week 15) and Matt Schaub, though that could be easier said than done in some leagues.
  • FFManiaxs is already revved up and going with their start/sit article for the week - read on for reasons to get MJD in your lineup.
  • The Hazean's By the Numbers: 10 things to do after fantasy football ends - I think I might have a little more love than The Hazean for a fantasy NFL playoffs league. I did a FFLibrarian's Challenge for the January playoffs last year and will be doing it again this year - kind of a nice way to phase yourself out of fantasy football; last year over 90 of you joined in on the fun. I mean going cold turkey can be tough, why not play with the FFLibrarian for a little longer? So stay tuned on that front...
I'll be back tomorrow with more links!


Bradley said...

Could I get the reader's thoughts on starting Matt Cassel vs Oak, or Kurt Warner vs Min?

Lester's Legends said...

I'd go Warner at home.

Anonymous said...

Warner is a must in that decision. Matt Cassel also just left the Pats to deal with the death of his father. No timetable on when he'll be back to play/practice.

Bradley said...

Awesome, thanks everyone!

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Agreed, while I think this might be a tougher decision the more you think about it, ultimately Warner is the better start here - he'll keep up his top 5 QB performance against Minn for sure.

Thanks for the Cassel news/insight, Jacob.

Good luck!