Friday, December 26, 2008

Start/Sit Links for Week 17

A belated Merry Christmas to everyone - I've found it really hard to carve out time for a blog update while visiting with family so my apologies for going off the radar for a few days! I've now transitioned from visiting with my family in Virginia down to my husband's family in Tennessee. One of the best parts about being in Tennessee is my unbelievable ability to sleep late here - at least 10 AM every morning. It's glorious. But now we're off to visit grandmothers and such, so I'm hoping to get a quick start/sit list up that I'll try to add to (though a lot of sites have shut down for the season) and do a consensus start/sit for by tomorrow.

Also, I am doing another FFLibrarian's Challenge with's Playoff Challenge for the postseason. Stay tuned on that front if you're interested - I should have a group set up by the end of this weekend.'s Start 'em Sit 'em
Bruno Boys' Start em & Sit em - Week 17
The Talented Mr. Roto: Love/Hate for Week 17
The Hazean's Start & Sit
CBS Sportsline's Week 17 Start 'em and Sit 'em's Week 17 Start 'em/Bench 'em Report
Fighting Chance Fantasy's Who to Start, Who to Sit - Week 17's The Decider: Week 17 starts and sits

Finally, these aren't start/sit links but here's my weekly column with the Bruno Boys, Week 17 Sneaky Fantasy Options and my wrap-up article where I look at some of my favorite fantasy football resources of the 2008 season for the NY Times' Fifth Down should be up this weekend.

Hope you all are enjoying a great holiday season and best of luck to those who are still battling for the championship!


Lester's Legends said...

A belated Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

First, I really enjoy reading your blog; it's always a nice compilation of links. Second, I somehow made it to the championship of my league (this is my first year every playing fantasy football) and I now have a dilemma. I was planning on starting MJD and Pierre Thomas as my two backs. However, they're both a little banged up so I'm not so sure anymore. I also have Cedric Benson and Tashard Choice as options. What do you think I should do?

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Hi Eric,
Congrats on making it to the championship game! It doesn't sound good for Thomas' chances of playing this week but MJD's chances do sound substantially better. Question is, will he have a decent showing since Jax has basically packed it in AND he faces the Baltimore run defense? I might go ahead and start Benson ahead of MJD and if Thomas doesn't play, Choice isn't too bad of an option either. Way to have some solid backups coming into Week 17, Eric. Good luck!