Thursday, December 04, 2008

Winter Fantasy Wonderland

It's a beautiful winter wonderland in Boulder; a couple of inches of snow and it's still coming down with some gusto. Growing up in Northern Virginia where the slightest bit of snow freaks out the entire area and schools are closed, traffic comes to a standstill, and everyone runs to the grocery store to get the last gallon of milk, I'm just trained to get my hopes up that snow = no school/work. Not so much here in Boulder. Granted everyone here is a transplant from somewhere else (I only know 2 Boulder natives), but when it snows here, people really just put their boots on and get where they're going. Or go skiing.

And while I certainly wouldn't mind being on the slopes right now, for the sake of fantasy footballers who need information, I am here in front of a computer. Oh and that whole "I have a job that expects me to be here" thing. Before I get to the links, if you have e-mailed me for advice on who to start, don't worry, you will hear back from me today! Now, let's get to the links...

  • FFXtreme's Running Back Strength of Schedule Weeks 14-16 might be of great interest to many of you - it takes a look at the run defenses that top RBs will face over the next few weeks and ranks them by their upcoming schedules. This is an awesome tool, but please keep in mind that this is generally not a time to let your studs ride the pine. I love my new awesome Broncos RB, Peyton Hillis, but just because he's ranked above guys like Brian Westbrook, Adrian Peterson and DeAngelo Williams does not mean you need to start him ahead those guys. I know most of you know this already, but just a friendly little reminder.
  • Hatty Waiver Wire Guru has a Week 14 playoffs video where he makes recommendations about players that he likes and most importantly, who he would bench to play some of his favorites.
  • For more playoffs help, scope out The Hazean's Sleeper Watch: Playoff help is here for reasons to get Jamaal Charles and Donnie Avery in your lineups over the next few weeks. I'm not sure I buy into the Charles love here - sure, Denver's defense is weak but if you've been paying attention lately (and trust me, I have), we've not only shown some recent success in stopping the run but we're getting some key players back on defense soon. I'd probably show a bit of caution before getting overly excited about Charles this week.
  • Additional thoughts on sleepers comes from FFManiaxs' Week 14 Dark Horses - I particularly like the Cardinals D/ST start here. Generally speaking, kickers and D/STs are positions that I'm comfortable with making significant changes with during the playoffs - see what gem might be on your waiver wire!
  • RotoExperts have two quality articles up - the Waiver Wire Tips: The Pickup Artist if you're still in need of waiver advice and Start and Sit: Week 14. I'm starting Zach Miller in the FFLibrarian's Challenge in the NBC Sports $100K Challenge and am hoping for big numbers from him against a San Diego defense that is weak on TEs.
  • If you're looking for rankings and projections from one of the most successful projectors out there on the fantasy scene, take a look at AccuScore's NFL Forecasted Player Rankings. That link will take you to the QB rankings for Week 14 but you can easily manipulate the rankings to display whatever position and week you're interested in reviewing. For more projections and rankings, try the Fantasy Football Views blog - note that both of these ranking sites have Aaron Rodgers slotted as the top QB of the week.
  • If you're in the market for some advice via chat, check out Rotoworld's Live NFL Chat this afternoon at 3:00 eastern.
  • Finally, a couple of start/sit links - more to come tomorrow!

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