Thursday, December 18, 2008

How to Win? Follow Through!

As loyal readers might know, I am in a bowling league - more by default than anything - and apparently my competitive streak really digs bowling, too. I was doing pretty well for awhile and then hit my mid-season slump or something. But last night I bowled again for the first time in a few weeks and if I may say so, I rocked. Still some up and down moments on the ol' lane but I think maybe I just stopped thinking so hard about it and remembered how to have fun with bowling.

At the end of the night one of my favorite characters in our league told me that I need to bowl with more confidence - he thinks that if I can finish with a strong follow through and raise my hand way up to the ceiling after releasing, that I'll bowl like a rockstar every week. Since I have NO idea what I'm doing and my form is likely dreadful, I'll take any advice I can get - but of course as with everything in my life, I can't help but relate this to fantasy playoffs. So let me bust out some motivational playoffs words friends, it is time that you stop thinking so hard about your lineups and just follow through on what you started. You're in the championship game for a reason so end the season with great confidence, a strong follow through and maybe even a hand up to the ceiling (though I imagine that will just be a fist pump of extreme happiness as you clinch your league title).

If you need a little confidence booster, there are of course many awesome resources out there. Let's check out today's links:

  • AccuScore's NFL Forecasted Player Rankings uses their rad simulator to rank and project which guys will be on top this coming week.
  • RotoExperts' Start and Sit: Week 16 - much like the RotoExperts, yesterday I noted what a great start Cassel was but in the comments section of the blog, Lester's Legends noted that we need to keep an eye on the weather in NE. Good call, Lester. Also, my insider info for Denver says that it is going to be really freaking cold here on Sunday (uh, high of 5 last time I checked) so you might want to think about that cold rocket of a football that could be flying in Denver on Sunday - can your receivers handle it? Of course if any team is used to the cold, Buffalo is, but just something to keep in mind for the Buffalo vs Denver game.
  • Ultimate FF Strategy has their Week 16 Start or Sit, which is in the form of projected fantasy points arranged by team and position.
  • You all are prolific with your start/sit questions and I slowly slogging my way through my e-mail. So have patience but if you're desperate for advice, check out Rotoworld's Live NFL Chat today at 1:00 EST.
  • Hatty Waiver Wire Guru has yet another video for you Hatty fans out there - or those who just want some advice for this playoffs game - Playoff Run Week 16.
  • I'm keeping the IDP (individual defensive player) love coming - I know even the smallest edge is welcome this week so for those in IDP links, definitely keep your eyes open for IDP links this week. Your first IDP link comes courtesy of the FFManiaxs' Week 16 IDPs Start/Sit.
  • ProFootballWeekly's Week 16 Matchups to Exploit or Avoid is well worth the read - while i agree that Favre could put up some yardage on Seattle, I do think Favre's likelihood of coughing up an INT or two (or three) is high. Seattle makes for a decent D/ST start this week, though of course that always depends on your other options.
  •'s start/sit of the week - RB Thomas a solid fantasy option; RB Barber a risk in Week 16 - seriously get Pierre Thomas in your lineup this week. He's on fire, Reggie Bush is on IR and Thomas gets to face the Lions. What could be better?
So my one and only league left in the playoffs is in my Blogger league where I took the FFNerd's advice almost every week. The wisdom of the crowd theory has taken me to the playoffs so I certainly can't help but recommend that you check out the Nerd's aggregated start/sit rankings if you're looking for some extra help.

Enjoy the game tonight!


Anonymous said...

which two running-backs would you start out of these three...Slaton, Forte and Pierre Thomas

Matt said...

That's a good "problem" to have, since those are the three at the top of FFNerd's list.

I'd consider doing Slaton/Thomas (actually, that's who I'm going with this week, as a matter of fact) to avoid any possible injury issues with Forte, but by all indications they should all be killers. I do like having my players done by Sunday if possible, so I don't have to sweat it out an extra day.

I've found the gameday forecast page:

I still like Cassel for a couple of TD's in the cold with medium wind (vs cold and light winded Cutler and cold and heavy winded Pennington), but I'll continue to monitor the forecasts. Our league does half the Yahoo average for yardage so I'm really looking at the touchdowns.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting that weather link - much appreciated!

Matt said...

I do have to admit I found it here:

I really wish I could post hyperlinks here. It'd be a lot prettier, but more dangerous, I guess.