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Get your fantasy playoffs on

I love December. It's just a great month for all of these wonderful reasons:
1. Winter still seems a bit novel and I actually enjoy waking up to see snow on the ground.
2. It's socially acceptable to play Christmas music.
3. We're in a bit of a holiday sandwich, with Thanksgiving behind us but Christmas and Hanukkah still to come, which means most people are only half-working and there's a more festive spirit at work.
4. I know I'll be seeing family and friends when we head back home in a few weeks.
5. And perhaps most of all, football (just kidding, Mom, seeing you is the best! Actually, Mom, I think you read this blog only once in a blue moon and then inevitably proceed to call me up and tell me you can't believe your own daughter knows so much about football and you have no clue what language I'm speaking...but you're still better than football, don't worry..!) The fantasy playoffs are here, baby, and the real football playoffs aren't far behind.

So what's not to love about this time of year? Injured players that you were relying upon for the playoffs, perhaps? Well don't worry, there are options out there. Read on for some great advice from the experts:
  • FFGeekBlog's Desperation is a Stinky Cologne: Deep Sleepers for Week 14 - the Geeks list a handful of guys like Joe Flacco and Deion Branch that are still available in over 50% of ESPN and Yahoo leagues.
  • More playoffs advice coming at you from Rotoworld - their Priming the Playoffs video brings you Gregg and Tiffany's suggestions for Week 14 and waiver wire pickups.
  • FFToolbox has some Sleepers for Week 14, most of whom I imagine are already on someone's roster, but if you're the lucky owner, consider playing one of these guys this week. I'm plugging Hightower into my flex spot this week with high expectations - don't let me down, Timmy, you're facing the Rams!
  • If you need waiver advice or just want to read a solid fantasy football article, take a look at FFToday's Through the Wire. As always, a big thanks to Antonio for including IDPs in this waiver wire article and if anyone out there is thinking about starting up a fantasy football website, can I suggest an IDP site? There is a need there, my football friends.
  • The Talented Mr. Roto: Are you an Oscar or a Grammy gives some playoffs advice with a focus on teams that have strong playoffs schedules and waiver wire grabs that might be worth your time. I like the Toomer and Hixon calls in particular - kudos if you grabbed either one last week as the Plax news was just unraveling.
  • We've got some start/sit advice being churned out already -
  • Finally, not relevant to the fantasy world really but of interest nonetheless, Donovan McNabb's wife had twins this week - congrats, McNabbs!


Pat Riot said…
Playoffs this week! I am in a RB bind!

I am starting AP and Peyton Hillis in my RB1 & RB2 but my flex is crowded.

My choices--Ronnie Brown, Derrick Ward, Chester Taylor or Pierre Thomas? Help!
Anonymous said…
Yes, congrats to Donovan & his lovely wife, thanks for the link back to my blog chicka!!
bigboid said…
Pat, most of those guys would be fine choices. I tend to look at opposing run defenses, although sometimes you get an exception that proves the rule (like where did Chicago's run defense hide the last two games?). Pierre has been hot lately, but Ronnie has been hot all season. I would probably go with one of those two. Man, I can't imagine a league where I could carry six RBs on my team!
Play your studs. Go with Ronnie.
Anonymous said…
I am in agreement with Lester and bigboid......this time of year, play your studs. Definitely Ronnie Brown, with Chester Taylor as a strong second consideration since Minnesota is playing Detroit and look what Johnson/White did against them!!
Unknown said…
welker has been my stud all year, i amd VERY concerned about starting him this week NE won't "need" him to beat the seahawks and you just never know what bill upchuck is thinking with the injurie thing... i have, d. bess, and a. toomer. i'm thinking of starting one of them in case welker doesn't even play who would you start of the three?
Anonymous said…
Which two of these three would you start: Addai at CIN, Chris Johnson at CLE, or Slaton at GB? Good problem to have, I know, but Addai's performance last week (and his performance on the year) has me worried about giving him the automatic "stud" start.
Unknown said…
i like slaton and johnson, slaton is getting hot and rohdes is seeing more playing time (away from addai) i don't see the colts struggling but i also see it as a game where they might let Payton have fun to get back his sync with Harrison Wayne and co. tough pick but i think that's who i would start. plus the colts just aren't they same this year, last year's colts i would start addai all the way, i guess it's a decision about how close you think the colts are to last year at this point? i still say not quite...
Matt said…
With Plax on ice, I'm betting Toomer is the man for the Giants. Hixon's fine, but when want somebody to count on near paydirt, you go with experience and trust, and that's Toomer.

Walter and Bess are second fiddles, and both have inferior matchups (-20.6% and -8%, respectively), whereas Toomer has a positive one (17.4%), comparable to the 19.8% matchup that Welker has. All those figures are courtesy FFToday's Wide Receiver Strength of Schedule chart.

I've got Cutler and Cassel, and my opponent has Moss. I'm currently starting Cutler under the "start your studs" methodology, but I'm considering starting Cassel as an effort to neutralize Moss and because New England seems more comfortable running up the score than Denver might...
Pat Riot - I'm in agreement on the Ronnie Brown front here. I also like the Chester Taylor call made by JayHawkRick - wish you had another flex spot open!

CK0712- absolutely, I try to check out your blog as frequently as possible. Good stuff.

Potlicker - Start Welker; he's not on the injury report and I think the Pats are more than likely to want to win as big as possible. Just their nature. Welker up against the 32nd ranked pass D? Too good to pass up.

Anon - I'm with Potlicker on this one. I think Addai will be fine this week but you basically have 3 studs to choose from and Johnson and Slaton just have the better matchups.

Good luck everyone!
And Matt, I'm guessing you hardly want my Broncos-biased opinion on this one but I'd go Cutler over Cassel in a heartbeat.
Matt said…
I'll go with Cutler, I guess. Maybe I was just worried that my poor Chiefs would show up again. The more I think about it, though, the less likely that seems.

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