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Freezing my giblets off and fantasy links

Good morning from a very cold Colorado. I've always been of the mindset that cold is cold and there really isn't a big difference between 5 degrees and 25 degrees. I still maintain that mindset but am now going to suggest that perhaps -2 (what the thermometer read this morning as I was making breakfast) is a whole different bag. I've been at work for quite some time now and still can't really feel all of my toes. Perhaps that says more about my footwear than anything but I think my cheeks are still thawing out, too.

Anyway, like many of you I'm anxiously awaiting tonight's impact on my fantasy status. I'm playing my husband in the playoff semifinals in two different leagues and am very worried about my impending loss to him in both leagues...I think it's a foregone conclusion that I've lost to him in one league but I'm still holding on and pulling for big things from Westbrook in the other league. However, in different league entirely I'm currently ahead by about 50 points and my opponent still has Westbrook to go. I don't think Westy can accumulate 50 points (though you never know!) but I hate being in the position of pulling both for and against one player. Hopefully you all are already enjoying big wins knowing that you're headed to the fantasy championship games - and perhaps are in a far warmer climate than I'm in!
  • If you missed any of the games yesterday (tis the season for holiday parties...) then I highly recommend reading Football Outsider's Audibles at the Line: Week 15.
  • Or scope out Rotoworld's Sunday Schooled: Crunch time which lists the top 5 fantasy players at each position. Um, the list of QBs is a total surprise - if I'd told you in Week 5 even that Cassel, Jackson, Garrard and Fitzpatrick would be in the top 5 during the fantasy playoffs, no one would have believed me at all. Oh how I love this stuff.
  • FFXtreme has a list of the Week 16 On the Rise & On the Decline players - yesterday Antonio Bryant proved me wrong. I thought his numbers might suffer with Griese behind the helm but apparently not. Bryant seems unstoppable right now and gets the good fortune of facing a pretty weak San Diego pass defense in Week 16. Solid.
  • Lester's Legends has a Get 'em or don't sweat 'em for those of you who are still going to be in the playoffs mix next week.
  • And more waiver wire advice from the Bruno Boys' FF Waiver Wire article. They rightly point out that DeShaun Foster could capitalize on a matchup with the lowly Rams run defense next week if Frank Gore remains sidelined by his ankle injury.
  • The waiver wire suggestions keep coming with FootballDocs' Week 16 Pick-up/Drop Advice and's RBs Benson, Morris will be hot names on fantasy waiver wire.
  • Since it's the holiday gift-giving season, perhaps you all could find a recipient for some of the fantasy football clothing that RotoNation links to from Art of the Fan. I also just made a purchase from Cafe Press, which has quite an assortment of fantasy football t-shirts, hats, bags, greeting cards (yes, seriously) and magnets. Who knew?
A final note - yesterday while watching the early games at the Lazy Dog, our local Boulder sports bar, a friend of mine commented on how off my consensus picks were. I wanted to clarify that these aren't really my personal picks (though some weeks they're so dead-on that I wish they were!) - I'm just aggregating a list of the most frequent starts or sits from the start/sit links I provide. I'm posting the results, however they pan out, even if I disagree with the advice since I think you all would rather have an aggregate (much like the FFNerd) than just my opinions. Some weeks the consensus is very accurate, others not so much. Hmm, much like the rest of fantasy football...

Good luck tonight!


Here in Minnesota it's freezing too so I can commiserate with you. My fantasy teams went as cold as the weather unfortunately.
Samuel Raisanen said…
As that anonymous friends let it be known that first I just like giving our favorite librarian a hard time. Second, wide receivers are notoriously hard to predict. Three, if I fail to beat her husband in our playoff game I want to have someone (her) to blame. And finally it was prior to the last 2 minutes of the Chargers game so I was still pissed off at Rivers.
Anonymous said…
I lost all my leagues yesterday thanks to the f-ing cardinals. I dominated my league all year only to lose to the guy that just barely squeaked into the playoffs. What a colossal waste of time! I am a loser - please begin a thread of name calling. The most creative and hurtful name will receive a prize - I promise!
Matt said…
Well, they're throwing shoes over here, if that counts:,129118

Though I do have to agree that Cutler deserves to have footwear chucked at him, despite the fact that I won. I think I'm switching over to Cassel for this next week (the championship) as the Patriots have a lot more at stake (with a decent matchup to boot).
Anonymous said…
Sorry but I couldn't resist. Where exactly are your giblets?
Jackal, my condolences. Colossal Waste of Time could be a good enough hurtful name, though it's hardly creative since I just mooched it off your comment.

That said, I know you're a Jets fan and you must be pleased with their performance last weekend. There was a rather lively and engaged group of Jets fans in my local sports bar on Sunday - it included a man who brought at least two different types of Jets headgear (helmet, firefighter's hat and I swear there was another...) and would stand on his chair and yell J-E-T-S and sing Jets songs (there are Jets songs?!) and then throw the aforementioned headgear at the wall after each great Jets moment. It was something.
And Corey, think of the bag of stuff that you often find stuffed in a turkey's cavity. Giblets. It includes the liver and other random body parts that I'm not very excited to eat. No idea what the origins are of the phrase but I think of Big Bird from the Christmas Eve on Sesame Street special - what a rockin' holiday video. Man, I used to love that fine piece of filmography and might just have to bust it out again this year.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for talking me down from the ledge, wise librarian. Your "glass half full" approach to this past weekend's football outcomes has successfully put things in their proper context. Kudos especially for confusing me with the whole concept of there being Jets songs....while I pondered this, I forgot completely about my horrible fantasy collapse. Your genius clearly goes well beyond mastery of Fantasy Football, Microfichery and the dewey decimal system. Therefore, I would like to put forth this proposition to the entire FFL community:

The Fantasy Football Librarian should henceforth also be known as the Fantasy Football Psychologist. All in favor please say "Aye!".
Unknown said…
if tampa bay's def scores me one point(instead of 0) two weeks ago and if i had started cassel last week. i am champ in two leagues... instead i'm watching from the sidelines... again. last year i had no chance... this year i had a chance... next year i'll actually win it...? that's why we play the game!

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