Thursday, August 04, 2011

Cheat sheets, rankings, mocks, etc

I've been lost in a world of unpacking (43 boxes) and replenishing (big trip to Walmart, an experience of superstore gigantic-ness that we hadn't had since prior to our move to NYC a few years ago...for better or for worse). My apologies for the slow posting this week - I'll be back on track soon, I hope.

Starting next week I'll be gathering top 100 rankings from a variety of sites as I do every August (here's 2010 for an example), and will be putting together my 2011 Average Rankings Position Spreadsheet. I'll have one version up next week and another updated version available at the end of August. As you can see from last year's final spreadsheet, I included the following sites: Bruno Boys, ESPN,, CBSSports, FOX Sports, KFFL,, SI, Yahoo, and Ask the Commish. If there are any other sites that should be included (that provide Top 100 rankings), please leave a comment with your suggestion.

Now let's get right to today's links since the fantasy world is really revving up:

  • If you can't wait for my average rankings spreadsheet, then I highly recommend you head on over to who do a thorough job of creating a gigantic Cheat Sheet Wizard for you - you can pick which expert's rankings you'd like included, with two important notations: 1. how that expert performed in a weekly accuracy competition last year and 2. how recently the rankings were updated and added to
  • Roto Arcade is all about trying to steer you away from overrating players. Take a look at their Tip Drill: Identifying overrate draft commodities (sorry, Vick) or Rank review: Five players you're overrating and overdrafting.
  • has PPR rankings up for WRs and RBs with up to 100 players for each position. You can take a look at their non-PPR rankings of course, too, if that's more your bag.
  • For more rankings, you can take a look at the Fantasy Shrink's The Big Board: RBs (other positions can be found on that link), which includes a little blurb on each player.
  • Meanwhile, Athlon Sports brings us their 2011 NFL Mock Draft: Complete Rosters. You can piece together the round-by-round results (or just go to their link) but I find it helpful to look at each team as a whole.
  • You may have noticed that Razzball's PPR rankings are pretty pro-Felix Jones - for more on reasons to target Jones, see Fantasy Douche's Why I'm now VERY high on Felix Jones.
  • If you're interested in what some of the young TEs might be doing this season, read's What to expect as an encore for '10 rookie tight ends.


Anonymous said...

Can you add Rotoworld rankings?

Anonymous said...

Maybe also you can add the ADP from fantasyfootballcalculator

non omni impaired duderheffa said...

I am interested in sleeper information. Perhaps you could do a consensus analysis for sleepers at each position, or just provide links!

Geaux Tigers!!!

Anonymous said...

What would be TREMENDOUSLY helpful is to take the Yards and TD projetion for all these site and average them. Each league has their own variance in scoring. Giving us an average for these sites would allow us to take the raw data and see how the rankings may differ or at least the VB for the players as it pertains to our individual scoring.

bigboid said...

Any info on an upcoming FFL League for this year?