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Mid-week draft prep

Based on my twitter feed, it seems as though the football world is ablaze with Peyton and Kerry Collins news. Catch up if you haven't already heard and, yes, I'm in the camp that thinks this is not great news but probably thanks to the Peyton-awe that's been drilled into me by my dear Peyton-worshiping husband, I don't think this is worth too much hemming and hawing. By the way, how is Collins only 38? Seems like he ought to have at least a decade on me minimum. Also by the way, Peyton has 5-month-old twins. Dang if that isn't a lot going on in the ol' Manning house.

Lots of other stuff going on:
Fireplace critter update: my husband wisely/thoughtfully snuck a peek into the fireplace while I was a good 30 feet away and oblivious to his actions. Turns out it was just a (now) dead gigantic bug. The south certainly produces large bugs; years in Brooklyn and Colorado never produced anything this large and seemingly least until it's semi-unfortunate demise in the fireplace. Next up on the hooray-I-own-an-ancient-home-with-problems list: leaky tub faucet (I swear I'm watching dollar bills sink down the drain every time I'm in the bathroom) and gutters that are so beyond overgrown with plants and debris that they shall soon be dubbed The Forest that Sits on the Bottom of Our Roof. No complaints though really, I swear. Yesterday as our son rammed his toy train into the wall for the billionth time (cackling and babbling at volumes I thought impossible for a small child), with all his toys hidden inside said train spilling out all over the wood floors and causing a monstrous racket, I thought, thank God we no longer have downstairs neighbors who would want to claw their ears off by now.


Unknown said…
Boy Sara, you were right about Athlon's Sleeper/Busts...but "smattering" is way over-stating it when they're only three and the sleepers are at a 10 to 1 to sum up Athlon's take--if you're not a bust, you've got to be a sleeper! Keep up the always great work!
How do you play college fantasy football? does it an all new way

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