Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fast & furious linking

Okay, stay with me here readers...I'm coming at you fast and furious with a bunch of links thrown up with very little commentary. I've got a sleeping baby on the verge of waking up and an auction draft + a dynasty draft tonight to prep for. Chaos, friend, chaos.

Finally (as I hear the gentle coos of a waking baby...), I owe the folks at Buffalo Wild Wings a whole heck of a lot for sending me to the Super Bowl in 2009 as my reward for winning their first ever blogger league. The league is going on hiatus this year but BWW has offered up all sorts of opportunities for prizes and whatnot for FFLibrarian readers, which is solid news for you wings lovers. In the meantime, give BWW some thought for your draft party host if you're still searching for a location. Also keep in mind that B-Dubs' free wing payoff is still coming - if you signed the Save Our Season petition, your coupon for 6 free wings will be coming via Facebook soon...lots of tastiness there. 


Anonymous said...

Do you like the FantasyFanPlay auction values for a 10 team PPR league?

Ray Guilfoyle said...

Thanks for the links to Fake Teams WR rankings. We posted our TE rankings for PPR leagues today.


Tag0Mag0 said...

I appreciate te links and frequently read your blog. I have to say, though, that you really need to stop linking to Del Pilar. Any article that has Mike Wallace as a "potential breakout" instantly loses any credibility. That, and he writes like a fourth grader.

Anyway, keep up the good work!