Friday, August 26, 2011

Updated Average Rankings Spreadsheet

I've got your updated 2011 Average Rankings Spreadsheet, my friends. Read my post from earlier this month for all the appropriate warnings and remember to use this wisely. I do have a few changes though this time around - I've included and and dropped FOX since they hadn't updated their rankings since July. July?! No dice. Only the best for you all. I also snagged way more than 100 rankings per your request so there are now a whopping 280 names. I'm sure you may find an error or something bizarre in here, but hopefully those are limited - do let me know if you see something though. I will say that somehow one site ranked kicker Dan Carpenter 103rd overall, which shot him way, way up the average rankings...he does not belong where he is listed. I can say that unequivocally and it's an excellent lesson for why you must use your brain and own opinions here, too.

I'm currently adding in bye weeks, which I know is something that you all wanted so hopefully they will all be there in the next day or so. I'm also considering compiling this list for PPR, but not sure I have enough time and rankings. If you know of a top 100+ list for PPR that you want included, let me know.

I'm linking you all over to the Google Docs version but if you want the excel version, e-mail me and I'll send it your way soon. If it's urgent (i.e. your draft is in 12 hours or less), note that in the subject line.

Happy drafting!


Anonymous said...

You should just upload the file to a website like and post the link here, so anyone can download it instantly rather than request it via email.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for providing this info, which I know takes considerable amount of time to prepare.

Since you now live in K-town, GO VOLS!

Anthony said...


Thank you so much again.

Jason said...

I'd love to see some PPR compilations. That's all I play in anymore. If you get a chance.

Anonymous said...

You asked for info on errors in data. NFL ranking is missing:

Also - why delete the earlier comments?

Anonymous said...

The following ranks are also missing:

Razzball: 105
KFFL: 40, 81
SI: 66, 84, 137, 190

Anonymous said...

For those of you wanting to save a copy of the spreadsheet yourself, its really quite simple. Just click on the link to open it up in Google docs. Once its up, look at the url... at the end, you will see "&output=html". Change the "html" portion to "xls" and hit enter. Voila!

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Hi all, thanks for the input. It looks like in the data clean-up chaos I might have some errors with the data. My apologies. Will try to fix this weekend. The others mentioned I'll also look into.

I'm not sure which deleted comments you're referring to -'s player comments? I use a program called Stata to do all the data work and the comments/big text fields can't be included in that.

Thanks for comments everyone!

Anonymous said...

I have been doing something similar myself on a smaller scale for years - you are saving me so much time and effort, thanks! I am in all PPR leagues though so please add if you have time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey Librarian - Hurricane locked in NYC. 3 drafts approaching (first is on Monday) - would love to see those PPR league compilations . . . all I got is alcohol and internet (for now) until the power or floods start and my priority is not filling up my tub with water, rather it is getting my draft sheets prioritized! Thanks again for all you do it is truly aweosome.

Ryan,Nicole and Addison Meulemans said...
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Mike K said...

I noticed an error, there are rankings for both Benjamin Watson and Ben Watson for TE. I'm sure no one is staking their draft on Benjamin Watson's ranking but figured I'd help since I noticed that.

Jonny said...

Just finished my draft and this helped me out big time. Thank you!!!

rageear said...

People can get a Excel (.XLS) version of the spreadsheet via a slightly modified Google Docs link:

Anonymous said...

No posts in almost 4 days - awesome!

JPE said...

this is awesome, thank!

Unknown said...

Just a little tip -- anyone can copy the Google Docs spreadsheet contents into Excel. Just copy the contents into Notepad first... and then from Notepad into Excel. It fixes the formatting.

Anonymous said...

Hey There...
I see that the bye weeks don't go through the entire list, are you looking to complete that?

Thanks for helping me become a CHAMP last year!

Anonymous said...

Great job on this! Thank you very much.

Were you able to update your list for PPR leagues?

Also, the rankings have changed a bit for some of the websites you noted, hence the overall ranking may be affected as well. Just an observation. Thanks very much this is a great time saver.

rageear said...

I drafted last night using the spreadsheet as a guide and noticed that the Kicker rankings are a bit wonky.

Dan Carpenter is listed as K1, but he only cracked the top 200 in two of your sources.

Compare that with Gostkowski or Rackers, who appeared in the top 200 in 7 of the sources.

I know that Kickers aren't everyone's top concern, but thought I would mention it.