Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Post-quake linkage

There is something alive in our fireplace. We've had a big moving box pressed up against the fireplace ever since we moved in a few weeks ago and discovered that one of our cats could easily jump up in the fireplace and half-disappear. So we've got the moving box all set up as a classy but effective baby and cat gate...and apparently a critter gate now, too, since there's been something fluttering or scratching around in there for a few hours. Being the uber girly girl that I am when it comes to bugs, vermin, or anything else that could appear in our fireplace, I have left whatever is in there to just stay there until my backup (my husband) comes home. Fingers crossed that the possible racket that's about to ensue as we unveil the fireplace critter won't wake our sleeping baby (nothing is more precious in our household than a sleeping baby...except maybe a critter-free fireplace).

So that's the kind of fun taking place at the FFLibrarian household tonight. Hope you all are enjoying your evenings and those of you who felt the east coast earthquake are all enjoying sharing your stories (and are of course safe and sound). Here are some links to keep you entertained and informed:

Finally, I'll have more details for you soon but my dear readers, I will be putting your fine accuracy to the test this season. FantasyPros.com is creating a weekly accuracy challenge where readers from different forums will vote on tight start/sit decisions each week and at the end of the season, one site will be crowned most accurate (for more, see FantasyPros.com's description of the contest). Since you're all a bunch of smarty pants after reading all these great articles, I have no doubt that we'll crush the competition. 

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