Thursday, August 18, 2011

First steps to a great 2011 team

Monumental stuff here in the FFLibrarian household: our 10.5-month-old broke out his moves yesterday and started walking. Big time. It's pretty amusing stuff, too, the way he wags his arms as he's walking, finding that sweet spot where he's balanced enough to move forward. I can only assume that he's so excited about football season being just a few weeks off that he's celebrating by toddling around the house. We've got plenty to get today so let's have at it:

  • First up, based on my inbox I can guarantee that many of you have questions about your drafts or keeper leagues, so may I direct you to Rotoworld's Live Chat today at 1 PM eastern with Evan Silva. Evan is pretty awesome, so I promise you'll be getting good advice.
  • National Football Post's The Next Big Thing is full of classic Jay Clemons stuff - a wide array of fantasy musings. Some highlights include a look at the top 7 picks of 2011, a ranking of the top 50 RBs, a look back at Jay's first draft of the season, and QB tiers.
  • added a Top 150 for PPR Fantasy Football leagues in addition to the standard rankings they put up earlier this week. 
  • More rankings from Fleaflicker, whom many of you might know as more of a league hosting site - but take a look at their cheat sheet, replete with IDP rankings.
  •'s Del Pilar's diatribe: Injuries around fantasyland is a useful read for both those of you who have been scouring the news feeds for months now, and also those who are just now catching up on FF news.
  • FootballDocs have their 2011 Fantasy Defense Strength of Schedule up - here's the explanation behind the chart in case you want the details.
  • I have it on good authority that put a ton of time into their 2011 Sleepers and Busts article (and podcasts!) - take a look at which sleepers and busts are recommended for all leagues or just deep leagues.
I updated the 2011 Average Rankings Position spreadsheet yesterday to include positions and am actively color-coding the google docs version now. Still to come: bye weeks and hopefully by August 26th I'll have updated rankings. E-mail me if you want the current excel version.


    Anonymous said...

    I LOVE your average position ranking spreadsheet. I do the EXACT same thing every year. You don't find many outliers that way, but you definitely come away with a strong draft.

    brian said...

    For fantasy football insight, check out this awesome site I found:

    They have rankings, bios, stats, schedules, blogs, combine info, and a weekly waiver wire.

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    kate reymann said...

    Walking at 10.5 months! Holy cow. I am impressed.