Monday, August 22, 2011

Draft strategy, draft results, draft heaven

Oy. Had my first draft of the season this weekend and all I can think of now are the things I'd do differently. I only had time to do one mock draft beforehand and let me tell you, it takes more than that to get the cobwebs out...even for someone who is constantly reading FF info all offseason. So I can't encourage you enough to swing by either your league hosting site, Mock Draft Central, Fantasy Football Calculator, or any other number of sites for easy mocking. I know you're all busy people but if you can squeeze in a mock or two, you'll be grateful you did come draft day.

Anyway, I participated in the FFNerd's awesome Experts League (part of the reason it's so awesome is that the Nerd is making a donation to the league champion's charity of choice) and you can find the results of the draft here. I will note that late in Round 6 there was some chatting during which it was discussed that our flex spot includes QBs. The commish had made this very clear prior to the start of the draft, but many of us weren't quite paying attention to the pre-draft chat and missed out on that you might see some drafting of QBs in this league that is unique to this flex spot, particularly around Round 6 or so. Very interesting though for someone like me who hasn't played in a 2QB league before. Really looking forward to it.

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