Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hello preseason games

Nice to see you again, old friends. Yes, I'm talking to you, preseason games. I know, it's not actual NFL action to most of you...but come on, you can't really hide your excitement can you? has a nice Preseason Primer with info on tonight's games and what you'll want to look for from each team.

I've got tons of material for you today. I was busy yesterday with the 2011 Average Rankings Position Spreadsheet that I posted last night so I have basically two days' worth of content for you now. Let's have at it.

  • Remember Fantasy Pros? The guys who did some awesome weekly accuracy analysis? They've got lots of tricks up their sleeves and I thought I'd send you over to two recent articles from them:
    • Love or Hate? Greene, Bowe, Freeman, and Holmes - one of the awesome things that Fantasy Pros is doing is tracking 50 different experts' rankings for every player and displaying the various rankings on every player's page. You can see which experts are high or low on a player and which are right on the average. Very cool stuff. For an example, check out Frank Gore.
    • Also from Fantasy Pros - they're now doing IDP rankings, which pull from 9 different IDP experts. Excellent, excellent, even more excellent!
  • Rotoworld has very handy updated depth charts for both offensive and defensive players - this link takes you to the AFC East.  
  • Read up on a little draft strategy from's Value Based Drafting, their preferred strategy to take with you on draft day.  
  • The Fantasy Shrink keeps rolling with rankings, this time PPR style. Take a look at the Big Board for RBs and more. 
  • To keep with the rankings theme, scope out Fantasy Football Companion's 2011 RB Rankings - rankings for the top 72 RBs with a blurb for the top 39. You can link to other positions as well.
  • Or cruise on over to Fantasy Alarm's Wide Receiver Rankings which is chock full of notes for the top 50 WRs.
  • Think McFadden could finish the season as the top fantasy RB? Brad Evans from Yahoo gives some good food for thought in First Down: Dissed McFadden deserves top-five consideration.
  • I found's 2011 Draft Prep: Your quarterback primer to be full of helpful info - QB tiers, thoughts on 2QB leagues, the theory behind drafting 3 QBs (this seems to be very en vogue since I read another article about this exact topic earlier this week...), etc.
  • For those of you who can't get enough info on sleepers, head on over to Fantasy Football Trader's sleeper section for a ton of recent articles on possible sleepers this season.
  • Finally, last but not least is FootballOutsiders' 3rd annual Wisdom of the Crowds series. They put forth the names of 5 QBs to FO's twitter followers last week and asked for feedback on yardage, TDs, and INTs for those players. Here they've posted the best- and worst-case scenario from FO followers as well as the average and how they think that crowd average fits in with their expectations for the player. I always find this an interesting read.
All for now and remember, if you played in the FFLibrarian monster league last year, you need to sign up for the league by tomorrow night or else I'll turn your spot over to a newcomer. E-mail me if you haven't received your invitation yet (and you played last year!). Otherwise hang tight for news on the waiting list. 

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