Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Preseason Week 3 review and more

There's nothing quite like getting a call from your child's daycare while your child is supposedly safely ensconced in the safety of their care...which is precisely what happened to me yesterday morning. After our initial phone pleasantries, I paused, waiting for his teacher to tell me what horrible event had befallen our son. I think for a moment there my heart stopped and I wondered why she sounded so calm when she was clearly about to tell me that our son was hospitalized with a missing head or something equally tragic. But no, it was far more minor: he had caught a virus going around daycare and could I come pick him up. Not a huge deal but after a lengthy visit to the doctor (oh and have I mentioned that our new health insurance doesn't actually kick in for a few more days?) and a long day of missed naps and general grumpiness from all parties involved, I missed my chance to get a post up yesterday, my apologies. But hey, Monday is always a slow day on the fantasy analysis front. So let's scope out today's links:

  • First up, a quick summary of Preseason Week 3 games from RotoArcade: Week 3 takeaways - surging Hightower no mid-round stiff.
  • Are you all set with your draft strategy for the first few rounds of your draft but aren't quite sure what to do with those later rounds? CBSSports.com has you covered with Running backs to target late - includes advice on which round to grab these guys in but we're talking mostly rounds 10 and beyond.
  • Or perhaps your draft is already in the rear view mirror and what you'd really like are some names off the waiver wire that you could snag. Turn to The Hazean's Five Undrafted Fantasy Football Sleepers.
  • My husband just commented on the growing momentum for Brandon Marshall from experts and he's absolutely right - lots of glowing feedback out there for BMarsh these days. Razzball.com's Manning off the physically unable to Peyton list includes notes on a bunch of players, BMarsh included, that might help you out come draft day.
  • FFToolbox.com rightly noticed that more and more FFers are challenging themselves with a new scoring system: 2 QBs. Lots of you have asked for help with those leagues, and here's just a little bit more with their 2-QB Fantasy Football Strategy Guide.
  • Keep up with the latest Position battles and player analysis from ProFootballWeekly.com. Don't let the starting analysis of Tarvaris Jackson vs Charlie Whitehurst turn you off; there are some gems in there if you get a bit deeper.

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