Thursday, September 06, 2007

Drumroll please...

When the alarm went off this morning, my husband said "happy NFL kickoff day" to me - he of course knew that I had an extra little kick in my step and would have fast-forwarded time to tonight's kickoff if at all possible. So here it is my friends, in all its glory....the start of the 2007 NFL season!

  • For some lineup advice for week 1, look no further than Gregg Rosenthal's Goal Line Stand, a weekly series where he ranks players for that week only. The rankings also include some notes and helpful things to consider when making start/sit decisions.
  • FFToolbox has your Week 1 sleepers covered...though does MJD really qualify as a sleeper these days?? Suspect but intriguing info nonetheless.
Enjoy one of the greatest days of the year - it's NFL go-time, baby!


rtnorthrup said...

The fantasy injury report is a great link. They actually sort through all the meaningless injuries (see Patriots injury report) and get right to the meat of things.

Keep up the great links.

Unknown said...

Yeah, keep up the great links. You'll need to do all the research you can to figure out how to beat my crew of hobbled, overrated, holding-out has-beens this week!

Paul said...

FF Librarian,

Happy kickoff day to you. I hope that your teams were graced with Manning, Addai, and Wayne.

On the subject of fantasy football, have you considered or are you working on any scholarly publications relating to fantasy football? I'm currently working on an article expanding my ff & info lit posts. But I've recently come across a few other call for papers dealing with fantasy sports.

Any interest?