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Chat with the FF Librarian

For those of you who are regulars, you might notice something new on the right side of the blog - a live chat feature. It's powered by meebo and works so that anyone, anywhere can anonymously type in a question about fantasy football and get an answer from me about where to find that information.

So how does it work exactly? Say you want to know which start/sit sites I recommend the most or are looking for information on which IDPs to start this week - no problem. Type your question into the chat screen and if I'm online, I'll answer right away. If I'm offline though, I suggest sending your question to me using the Contact Me link below. If you do send me a chat while I'm offline, I'll still get your question but just won't be able to respond if you're no longer online. The technology still has a little ways to go, but I thought this was an excellent start to trying to provide fantasy football fans with yet another way to get their fantasy resources.

I will have definite hours set every week and will post them above the chat screen; but I'm likely to be around at other times, too, so definitely keep your eyes open...and chat away!

Chat FAQ:
How does this work?
meebo is an instant messenger product that works with lots of other chat software (AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber) so that we can chat about fantasy football in real time. You don't need to install anything, you don't even need to identify yourself. If you would like to use your other chat software to reach me, please feel free. Just contact me using my screen-name: fflibrarian.

Can I only ask questions when FF Librarian is online?
Sort of - we can only live chat when I'm online (the chat box will say ff librarian is online). But I welcome questions anytime using the Contact Me link right below the chat window.

What can I ask?
Anything related to fantasy football. If I can't answer your question immediately, I'll direct you to some of the many great football resources.

Will you protect my privacy?
Absolutely. If you choose to use your Yahoo!, MSN, or AIM software, contact my screen-name: fflibrarian. I purge all contacts and do not divulge any email addresses, screen-names or other information to any third party.


smokkee said…
very cool.
Anonymous said…
Looks good ff librarian.

Very cool is right!

Anonymous said…
Its Jr again Thanks for the win last week!! Who do I start this week at WR? L. Coles, T. Gonzalas, B. Berrian, C. Henry, I. Bruce. I need three....
JR - Go with Gonzalez, Berrian, and only if Bulger is starting, Bruce. If Berlin starts instead, I think I'd start Coles.
Anonymous said…
Big Problem, I'm in the Superbowl and the guy I'm playing is talking major trash. I can only start 2 of these players for the WR position. Torry Holt, Roddy White, Calvin Johnson, Jason Witten, and Kevin Curtis. I'm leaning on playin Witten and Holt. Please advise on my decision.
the unck - first, witten is a TE - can you play him in that WR spot in your league? If so, I do like Witten and Holt. If not, put Witten into your TE spot for sure and start Holt and Johnson at WR. Good luck!
Anonymous said…
Yeah, no TE in the league. So Witten has to be a WR for me. What about Curtis? I've heard he's due for a big game. Should I gamble and play Witten and Curtis?
Nope, go with Witten and Holt. Holt is definitely a better receiver than Curtis. Stick with your first plan.
cabj1905 said…
I posted this question on the chat as well, but I'm not sure it worked, so if you read this twice, my mistake.

This is my first fantasy year and I'm pretty satisfied with my moves so far:

10 team public league on ESPN

Team: Las Vegas Tumbleweeds
QB: Brett Favre (NYJ), Ben Roethlisberger (PIT), David Garrard (JAC)
RB: LaDainian Tomlinson (SD), Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG), Felix Jones (DAL)*
RB/WR: Santana Moss (WAS)
WR: Greg Jennings (GB), Hines Ward (PIT), Patrick Crayton (DAL), Amani Toomer (NYG), Antwaan Randle El (WAS)
TE: Jeremy Shockey (NO), Antonio Gates (SD)*
D/ST: Green Bay Packers
K: David Akers (PHI)

*= Traded away Antonio Gates and Felix Jones for TJ Houshmandzadeh and Fred Taylor (big mistake, I know)

So, to fix my bone-headed move of getting rid of Antonio Gates, I'm aiming to get Tony Gonzalez (the guy who drafted him has him on the trading block.) Who do you think I should offer him for Gonzalez, or should I save my trades for someone else?
Thanks in advance for your help.
Hi cabj1905,
I saw your message about this on my chat this morning (I get the message even if I'm not online when you leave it) - I'll be honest, I don't think I would make any trades for Tony Gonzalez. I think you could do just as well hanging onto Shockey and maybe filling in with a tier 2 TE if Shockey doesn't end up doing as well as I suspect he will. NO is a good place for Shockey and I'm not convinced that Gonzalez is going to be a huge upgrade.

You did a great job with the draft - the one area that has me most concerned would be RB. If you could offer up say Garrard and Toomer or Garrard and Ward for an RB like Thomas Jones or another in his range, that would be ideal. LT is of course awesome but having another consistent RB in there would be nice; maybe even a Kenny Watson (I don't think Rudi Johnson will last long at all) or Chris Johnson - and those are guys that you could probably get at a lower price.

Hope that helps!
cabj1905 said…
thanks for the advice. No need trading good drafts for someone I don't need. As far as your advice for another starting RB, like I said,I acquired Fred Taylor in the trade with Antonio Gates. You don't think he will be enough to compliment LT? should I really get another starter like you said? Some of the guys on the trading block are Joseph Addai, Willis McGahee, and Julius Jones, but I think I have a decent chance at getting Ryan Grant, too if necessary. Thanks again for the help, it seems a lot easier with the help of an expert.
Fred Taylor this year is a mystery to me - I have more faith in him than most, I think, and I feel he's a serviceable RB2. So if you want to go with the team you've got, I think you're in good shape. However, keep your eyes on the waiver wire for an RB who wasn't drafted and is making a splash; they're hard to come by but definitely worth it. You could also consider dropping Randle El for a flier RB depending on who is available.

Happy to help any time!
Pj said…
What do you expect from Chief's Larry Johnson this year?
Pj said…
Also...P.Manning as my QB Colston, Boldin, and Burleson as my WR (only start 2 WR) Larry Johnson, Ryan Grant, Justin Fargas and Ricky Williams for RB(start only 2 again) T. Gonzalez as my TE and Seattle as my D...where do you think I have a problem?
Anonymous said…
Whats your feelings on D, Jackson Phi - I think big upside this week with Brown out. Have him on 2 teams: 1) him or Cotchery 2) M. Lynch, C. Johnson. Team 2 of course alot more thought and wonder which to play. Your thoughts...
Anonymous said…
Hey who do i start this week Sammy Morris vs. Miami or Earnest Graham vs. Chicago?
Chicago has done a pretty good job at stopping the run so far this year so I think I've gotta go with Sammy Morris here. Good luck!
Anonymous said…
I'm really stuck on who I should start at defense this week. I'm stuck on ESPN, as I only have the Packers D, but on Yahoo!, I've got both the Packers and Dallas D. I know the Packers Defense is better, but they'll be facing one of the best offenses in the league. I really don't think I have much room to drop anyone and pick up another defense for one week. Should I just start Dallas and hope for the best?
Sure, I say hedge your bets and start GB in your ESPN league and Dallas in the other league. It is not worth dropping someone for this week in my opinion and both have fairly decent D/STs, so I say see what happens...
Anonymous said…
Which D/ST do i start this week? Tampa Bay or Minnesota?
Anonymous said…
Which RB's do i start this week out of these people? Steven Jackson, Micahel Turner, Chris Johnson, or Jonathan Stewart? Pick three for me please
I think I'd go with the TB defense this week, actually. Minn is all out of sorts with a new QB, injuries to Peterson and to WRs...I think you're just better off going with the TB D/ST this week.

As for RBs to start this week, I'd go with Chris Johnson, Michael Turner and Steven Jackson.

Good luck!
Anonymous said…
Who should I start at the rb/wr position? Ike Hillard or Tim Hightower?
I'd go with Hightower...I like his chances for another TD.
Anonymous said…
what's up fflibrarian...
I need a victory bad this week. I need a lot of help in the WR position. I have Greg Camarillo, Ocho Cinco, Bernard Berrian, Ted Ginn Jr., Devery Henderson, Patrick Crayton, or I can pick up Steve Breaston off the wire. I can start 3. Also, Mcfadden, SJAX, or Le'ron Mcclain I can start 2. Thanks, I appreciate any advice.
Hi James Z,
For WR I'd grab Breaston and play him as well as Berrian and Camarillo.

For RB, I'd go with SJax and McClain.

Good luck!
Anonymous said…
Hey FFLibrarian... Great advice. That's why I have a question for you. I'm hurting all across da board. For RB's I have SJAX, Mewelde Moore, Dominic Rhodes, and Darren McFadden. I can start 2. At WR I have Chad Johnson, Bernard Berrian(bye), Kevin Walter, Donnie Avery, Justin Gage, Chris Chambers, Steve Breaston, and just picked up Nate Washington(starting for Santonio). I can start 3. I got Owen Daniels for TE, Washington & Greean Bay D, and D Anderson at QB. I need help with the WR & RB decision making. Thanks
Hi Z-Unit,
Okay, I'd go with SJax and Moore; for WR I think I'd go with Chad Johnson, Donnie Avery and Nate Washington.

Good luck!
Anonymous said…
i have a problem with starting the right player this week. i have McNabb and Rodgers...who should i start. Rodgers has been my work horse but McNabb looks primed to go off on the Browns. Also...i have Westbrook, Steven Jackson, and Ryan Grant as my RB. I know i want to start Westbrook but i dont know about the other two. I like Jackson at home but Grant has done well for me the past 3 or 4 weeks. who should i start between the two?
Rookie, I like Rodgers at QB - more consistency and still a pretty decent matchup this week. At RB, I'd go with Westbrook and Steve Jackson. Jackson has had some great games recently and the Seattle run defense will be a breeze for him.
Anonymous said…
I need help...choose one for my flex. Housh, v. jackson SD, Dwayne Bowe
Desperate! said…
Help, can't decide who to sit. Ryan Grant, Steve Slaton, Julius Jones, Sims-Walker, Andre Johnson, or Steve Smith NYG.
Desperate - This sit pick is between Ryan Grant and Julius Jones for me - I think ultimately I'd go with sitting Jones since Grant has at least been a little more consistent. Good luck!

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