Friday, September 14, 2007

FF Questions This Week

Since this live chat I'm doing (see the chat box on the right side) isn't foolproof and I might be offline when some of you have questions, I thought I'd post some of the questions that came across while I was gone and get my responses out there. Hope the info isn't coming too late for any of you!

Also, I am working on an IDP post for this afternoon so keep your eyes open for that. And I'll keep updating the Start/Sit and Waiver post that I put up earlier this week.

Questions that have come up this week:

1. When do you bite the bullet and git rid of Terry Glenn? I have Wes Welker and Amani Toomer available as Free Agents?
My response: Honestly, I have already dropped Glenn from my keeper league. Might be premature but if Crayton performs well in his absence, who knows how much action Glenn will see once he's healthy enough to come back. I doubt he'll be rushed back in and at 33, he's not exactly an NFL spring chicken. Not to mention the fact he just had his 2nd knee surgery in 6 weeks. Welker was certainly getting a lot of looks from Brady in Week 1 and I think they'll have a nice little chemistry going. Toomer looked pretty great in Week 1, I thought, so I'd be most excited about him...but that all depends on Eli's status. If Eli is well, I say pick up Toomer in place of Glenn.

2. Derrick Ward or Brandon Jackson?
Okay, I've seen this question 3 times now in the past 36 hours so I'm becoming an expert at answering it. I think all this comes down to is the GB defense vs the Giants defense. I would much rather run against the Giants D, so I say go with Brandon Jackson. Both are relatively untested runners, both could be kind of big question marks. But I say go with BJax and see what happens.

3. I need to start 3 WRs from the following: Marques Colston, Darrell Jackson, Ronald Curry, Vincent Jackson.
Okay, my bias for Denver is going to show here. Sure, Curry had a good week last week but can he really compete against Bly and Champ Bailey? Don't think so. Go with Colston and the Jacksons. All three of them had pretty poor performances this week but I think they'll rebound this week. The iffiest one being Vincent Jackson against the NE D. But I'd rather have Rivers throwing to my WR than McCown (or will it be Culpepper??).

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