Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Recap

Wow. I don't really know how to sum up my fantasy weekend except to say it was either feast or famine for me. I had Marc Bulger, Javon Walker, and Rudi Johnson together in one league - they totaled for less than 5 fantasy points. I sat on my couch in a bit of a stupor, unclear how this catastrophe could have happened (funny, I felt the same way while watching Northwestern get demolished by OSU). But in another league, McNabb, Donald Driver, and Adrian Peterson really gave me some pretty big numbers. I would also like to publicly announce that I convinced my husband to start Kevin Curtis yesterday. It was awesome. If you don't have your very own FF Librarian to sit next to you on game day, no problem - just keep checking back with the blog for daily updates on all things fantasy football. So to start the week off, below you will find some handy links to early waiver thoughts as well as some general Week 3 recaps.

  • Bruno Boys' Work the Wire, the Waiver Wire: Week 4 - will Earnest Graham be taking over for Cadillac? Or Kenny Watson for Rudi Johnson? Don't bet on either one, but read on for details...
  • SI's Fantasy File for Week 3 includes notes on the most consistent WRs, strong starter RBs, and injury updates.
  •'s Box Score Bandit has a quick recap for each of yesterday's games.
  • Fantasy Football Goat's Waiver Wire and Sleeper Watch Week 4 - while I still have Marques Colston left to play, I have lost pitifully to the Goat this week in our Blogger league. Thanks for not rubbing it in yet, FFGoat. In the meantime, read up on his waiver and sleeper suggestions, since he clearly knows what he's doing.


Anonymous said...

I will be posting on our match-up but don't worry, I will be nice.


P.S. Good job getting Leonard. I just missed him.

smokkee said...

apparently, A. Peterson is the only offensive weapon the Vikings have. that's why i like him.