Monday, September 03, 2007

Laboring Over Fantasy Football

I had my 4th draft this past weekend - it's my last draft for my 4 leagues, but I am drafting for my brother-in-law this Wednesday night. Then, sadly I'll be done with drafting until 2008. But I am itching to get going with some games this season! This latest draft was on Sunday morning and of the 10 team owners, only 4 of us were there to draft live. I think that says a lot about scheduling your league's draft for Labor Day weekend....perhaps not the best call. But it went well for me and I actually really enjoyed having just 10 teams in the league.

Many of you have responded to my poll about the information you're looking for on FF Librarian, and I appreciate that. I'll be changing the poll soon to get a feel for the info you want during the season but in the meantime, I'll try to crank out some more cheatsheets and rankings for those of you who aren't done drafting (or just tweaking your lineups).

Awhile back I posted my spreadsheet with some average ranking positions - looks like some others out there have had the same thought, including these guys at Fantasy Sports Central who have a way more recent average ranking than mine (mine was based on rankings at the end of July). So check out Fantasy Sports Central's Average Cheat Sheets, divided up by position. Also, as I've mentioned before, Fantasy Football Summary has used this same idea and Scott over at FF Summary has set up both positional and overall - it's updated as of 9/1.

One final note, I've used or checked out many of the fantasy resources listed on's post about 50+ fantasy resources and found the list to be extremely helpful. Plus it brought some new sites to my attention - always something I'm on the prowl for in my spare time. I've added TheFootballBlogger as a link to the right for quick access to other FF resource sites.

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