Friday, September 21, 2007

IDP Forecast: Week 3

First, a question for all of you. I'm considering starting Thomas Jones (vs Miami) over Frank Gore (vs Steelers) this week. I am fundamentally opposed to sitting Frank Gore but sometimes you've gotta listen to the tiny voice in your head that is reminding you of the awesome Pittsburgh run defense and the not-so-awesome Miami run defense. I mean according to the revered Football Outsiders, Miami ranks #27 in rush defense while the Steelers are #4. Uh, problems for Gore? Thoughts?

Next, if you feel you really need to get involved in another fantasy league, don't worry it's not too late. Check out the Blogger Fantasy Football Battle where you get to draft a new team every week (a bonus for those of you disheartened by your draft day choices). See the site for more details on how to get involved.

Now, onto IDPs:

  1. CBS Sports' Witness for the Defense: Week 3 - a nice little feature that I like? Their "Best Sack Matchups" with Carolina vs. Atlanta leading the top 5 list.
  2. FFToday's IDP Notes: Week 3 - yeah, I was one of those suckers that picked up Mario Williams thinking, this is his year. IDP Notes has a reminder for me that perhaps consistency should be shown before I start rearranging my lineup.
  3. Fantasy Sharks' The Hive - I'm now inspired to find out of Ruud is available in my leagues...a man with two vowels side-by-side in his name, I like that.
  4. FFToolbox's Week 3: IDP Starters - please Julius Peppers, get your sack action going against Harrington. And I also like to second their support of Napoleon Harris, a fellow Northwestern alum.
That talk of Northwestern brings me to perhaps the most important topic of today - how Northwestern plans to dominate Ohio State this Saturday. I think everyone has a team nemesis and mine is Ohio State (no offense to you OSU fans, but you must understand, right?). There is really no game for me like the Northwestern/Ohio State game...especially when I think back to gems like the October 2, 2004 game when the Wildcats knocked off the #7 Buckeyes in OT. It appears to be on ESPN so for those of you with nothing else to do tomorrow or no real rooting interest, I encourage you to throw your support behind the scrappy Wildcats. Who doesn't love the perennial underdog?


smokkee said...

thanks for the pimpage FFL!

Guff said...

It might be a good week for Jones considering that it looks like Zach Thomas might be out for the game. This is as long as the Jets are willing to give him the carries he needs.

I'm in a similar predicament where I have to decide if I want to start Carnell Williams over Gore. (my other RB is Portis) It will probably be a Saturday night/Sunday morning decision for me.