Saturday, September 22, 2007

Final Decisions for Week 3

Now's the time to get your final decisions made for Week 3 - take a look at the articles listed below in case you have last minute questions about whether or not Westbrook, Cotchery, Plax, or any other numbers of players will defy their questionable status and start this week - and of course, play well to boot.

  • Rotoworld's Last Minute Decisions Week 3 - note that the Philly paper and the Eagles' site both say Westbrook will be starting this week. Rest easy, my friends.
  • Try the quality injury report for week 3 from; or check out their Start 'em Sit 'em column. And remember, if you want more start and site sites, check out my previous posts for more links.
  • SI will be posting their weekly Sunday Morning Med Check article tomorrow morning, so give it a look before finalizing your lineups. Or puruse their Injury Report (posted 9/20) or their Surprise Starters: Week 3 article for some thoughts on sleepers from this weekend's big matchups in case you still have some holes in your lineup.

Good luck this weekend!

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