Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday Wrap-up

I have one question - where was Deion Branch? Seriously, where was he? Was he somehow trapped in the locker room all night, unable to make it to the field? Was he even targeted at all? The game wasn't on in Colorado so I'm left wondering how he put up a big fat goose egg. Not that I was expecting an all-star night from him, but something - SOMETHING. Fortunately Tony Romo's massive performance bailed me out in that league (this game was crucial - I'm playing my nemesis). However, there are gaping holes in some of my other leagues and I'm sweating the Monday night games this week.

Another thought - I'm developing some fanlove (intense - almost frightening - interest in a football player for their fantasy promise and/or production) for Brandon Stokley. Is that only because I'm already a Broncos fan, or is that legit? Confirmation that Stokley is going to be a fantasy beast or any other thoughts are welcome.

Now let's turn to the experts to get their opinions on this first weekend of NFL action:

  • Rotoworld's Football Daily Dose - either read this every week on Rotoworld or elect to have it e-mailed your way on Monday morning; it's a nice summary of all things football from the weekend and who you should and shouldn't be worried about from a fantasy stance.
  • I'll be posting more links to waiver wires on Wednesday, but Bruno Boys already have some of the waiver juice ready for you Work The Wire, The Waiver Wire - Week 1
  • SI's Sunday Best - Week 1 lays out the fantasy studs, duds and surprises of each game; I'm kind of liking their FanNation site and don't remember it from last year - new addition for 2007?
  •'s Box Score Bandit also provides a quick fantasy overview game-by-game

1 comment:

TC said...

Pretty funny. The same goose egg exists in my starting line-up... and I too have been wondering what exactly happened in Seattle.

Unfortunately, I didn't have Romo to bail me out, and McNabb's number's weren't that stellar either.

Congrats on your win though!