Tuesday, September 11, 2007

El Yeah

Since I really screwed the pooch in 2 of my 4 leagues (my performance in our football blogger league was downright embarrassing), I was off to troll the waiver wires this morning. For the blogger league, everyone there is um, well, really good. So the waiver wire isn't exactly full of gems...just a lot uncertainties. But I pulled the trigger on Antwaan Randle El this morning. I know some of you are thinking, she's a fool for picking him up after one stellar performance. But I don't think that's the end of Randle El by a long shot. First, this guy has talent - I clearly remember his days as a QB at Indiana (just about the only great weapon Indiana has had in awhile). I'd like to point out that while he was the star QB there he also played varsity baseball and basketball - in fact, he gave up playing with the Cubs to play football at Indiana back in 1997. Talent, talent, talent. Don't believe me? See what the Washington Post has to say about his performance this weekend. And even if you don't care to include the crazy Hail Mary pass at the end of the game, Randle El's numbers were still quite solid.

Second, the Redskins as a whole are showing some promise for the season. The running game got off to a sweet start between Portis and Betts and that's just what Jason Campbell needs. Plus Campbell is showing some good progress and he clearly has some chemistry with Randle El. Granted, I'm a DC native but I see good things for the Skins this season. And at least in my world, good things for the Skins means good things for Randle El.

Third, Randle El could pull an LT on you and throw for a TD. Not saying it's going to happen often but you never know. And I love the possibility there. El yeah (I should fess up to borrowing the "el yeah" from Randle El's official website).

So here's hoping Randle El has an awesome season. More waiver wire info to come soon.

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