Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How to pick your kick

A kicker strategy question that came across my chat last night...

1. I'm trying to figure out the best way to screen for a kicker in week 3. Do I go for kickers going up against good Defenses assuming more field goals and less touchdowns?

Ahh, yes the kicker question for those wise enough not to draft a kicker in Round 7 (yes, happened in one of my leagues), and now looking for some kicker advice. I think that first, I would look at the kicker's own team and make sure that they are a strong enough offense to hang onto the ball and move it down the field a bit. For example, the Saints offense just isn't getting it done yet, making Mare a way less attractive kicker than he was during the preseason. Once you've got the offense covered, I'm not sure I'd gun for a kicker playing against Chicago or Baltimore just because of their defense, since there's so much volatility and uncertainty. I mean, look at David Akers last week connecting on 4 field goals...would you have looked at the Redskins D and thought, "sweet, Akers is kicking field goals alllllll night long" - probably not. Here's a link to kicker projections for week 3 from FF Toolbox - and ProFantasySports has a surprisingly helpful kicker cheat sheet up now, too. Or try Bruno Boys' Week 3 Rankings for Kickers. Hope those help and if you want more kicker rankings or projections for the week, let me know.


smokkee said...

yo FFL,

fftoolbox likes LT and Steven Jackson as the top 2 starters for week 3. both of which have been disappointments so far this year. how can they rank them so high this week?

personally, i like Adrian Peterson against KC's D. but, they've got him ranked 14th. wtf?

i must be overlooking something.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

You know, I think there's a lot of hesitation to move the guys who you drafted in rounds 1 & 2 to some sort of lower level of expectation. Especially since you know that sooner or later they'll really shine through and have a great game. SD has had a tough schedule start - Chicago and then gotta hope for LT that he finally gets going this week against GB, right?

And you know I really liked AP against the Giants last weekend but wasn't overwhelmed by his performance. So yes, I do hope for good things against KC's D, but we'll see....esp if Chester Taylor is back in the lineup.

Anonymous said...

I have Steven Jackson in one of my leagues and I am a bit concerned. That Rams offensive line appears to be in shambles.

For LT however, I'm overlooking Norv Turner's ineptitude and I put in a trade offer for him. I'm thinking the SD triplets (Gates, Tomlinson, Rivers) will overcome Norv and get things rolling.

I offered Chad Johnson for LT straight up (other team drafted nothing but RBs and has depth, but has nothing worth mentioning for wideouts). I'm also thinking about throwing in Braylon Edwards if I get shot down.

Anonymous said...


Good Article about picking which kicker to plug into your lineup on a weekly basis.

When we do our kicker rankings, we project the final score of the game based on the spread/favorite and go from there. We also take into account the amount of field goals allowed from the team each kicker is playing.

Ultimately, when I choose my kicker, I want to use one who should be involved in a high scoring game. The more points scored, the more chances your kicker is getting some. Make sure to check out our kicker rankings released every thursday night/friday morning.

I would have to say that predicting a kicker is a lot tougher than predicting RB or WR production.

Keep up the good work on the blog!

Marc Caviglia
Bruno Boys Fantasy Football